Dear Dish-It: How Do I Stop The Bullying?

Bullied asks: I have been bullied for a while now and I don't know why. I'm not the slimmest or the prettiest, though I've been told that I have a great personality. What do I do to make the bullying stop, and what do I change about myself? Back to Article

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ikat12 wrote:
2012-10-20 02:43:49 -0700

I feel your pain.. Every day at school i get bullied on the bus..worst thing is i wear glasses and I answer most questions at school. I've been called a teachers pet, nerd brain, four eyes I coould say about 50 more... just don't react. Bullies like recations.. Hippie

peaceout8917 wrote:
2012-10-19 15:47:44 -0700

stand up to the bullie mabey they will get really suprised and top bulling u

coolnez101 wrote:
2012-10-18 19:01:40 -0700

Me 2 sometimes I get to the point where I don't even want to go to school

coolnez101 wrote:
2012-10-18 19:00:22 -0700

Well maybe you should tell somebody because bullies don't need to go that far at beating you up

coolnez101 wrote:
2012-10-18 18:57:13 -0700

I get bullied everyday yet I don't know why. It's confusing for me because I do nothing wrong yet people still bully me some times I get bullied so bad that I'm on the verge of crying. I don't get physical bullied just mentally but it still hurts

nilon3 wrote:
2012-10-17 13:15:27 -0700

tell them before it gets worse.

nilon3 wrote:
2012-10-17 13:13:58 -0700

i used to get bullied alot when i was in primary school, the worst was getting pushed over when running, trust me stop it before it gets worse. and to stop it tell your parent(s) and get them to go into your school to discuss, if your parents don't already know and you've been bullied, tell them now. sooner or later.

rosey1011 wrote:
2012-10-17 00:09:38 -0700

i keep getting beat up everyday

Robot4 wrote:
2012-10-16 18:28:39 -0700

I've been bullied before and trust me its NOT fun

u smile i smile
u smile i smile wrote:
2012-10-16 14:53:52 -0700

be you 100% of the time stay true cause at the end all you need in life is success in 20 years from now it not what your wore or how pretty u were or clothes you were that going to matter it wat you learned in life how you responded to it push past laugh last persue be you

EmilyBlack:) wrote:
2012-10-15 18:49:47 -0700

I know what your goig through just keep you head held high ignore them. Or tell someone okay smile

Epicgirl44 wrote:
2012-10-14 14:06:21 -0700

bullies made Amanda Todd hang herself

CarlyRaeJepsen wrote:
2012-10-13 13:35:12 -0700


hotboys1220 wrote:
2012-10-13 13:12:10 -0700

I have been bully since i was in first grade and i
hate bullies they are mean and I dont know what to do and my mom or dad dose not know

LilFly01 wrote:
2012-10-10 11:57:23 -0700

i hate bullies there just dooshbags they do that to look cool but its not I JUST HATE BULLIES SO MUCH

peckaroo23_1777266 wrote:
2012-10-09 20:42:40 -0700

they have to just leave this planet

peckaroo23_1777266 wrote:
2012-10-09 20:42:10 -0700

I hate bullies! If you wanna be mean go to jail and bully those ppl!! OMG!

2000Jman12 wrote:
2012-10-08 17:35:30 -0700

People are just BIG JERKS!

X Wolf X
X Wolf X wrote:
2012-10-08 09:58:45 -0700

Its ridicouls NOBODY IS PERFECT including bullies its also ridicouls because they wouldnt like to be judged so why do it to other people it really annoys me

newyorkgirl4752 wrote:
2012-10-07 19:08:01 -0700

First, bullies look for a reaction. If they insult or say something mean to you walk away or say "okay, I really don't care about wut you say." go
To my profile, and look my bully post everybody plz tell about my post
So all you bullied or r being bullied right now go to my posts

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What Should Be Done With School Bullies? Vote!

  • Send them to a far out planet in outer space.
  • Make them eat spinach and tofu for a month.
  • Give them a year of detention.
  • Give them lots of hugs and talk about their feelings.

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