Frankenweenie Boys!

By: Lynn Barker

Remember Dr. Frankenstein who brought a cobbled-together dead guy to life? Director Tim Burton wondered what would happen if a smart, creative, science geek kid faced the death of his beloved dog. What would you do in his place?

Kidzworld is getting the info from 14-year-olds Charlie Tahan who voices lead kid Victor Frankenstein and Atticus Shaffer, the voice of his weird classmate Edgar “E” Gore in the film. Tim Burton chose Charlie for this, his first voice role and Atticus, who co-stars in the TV show “The Middle” has voiced roles in TV’s “Fish Hooks” and “The Penguins of Madagascar”.


Kidzworld: What do you like about each of your characters?

  • Charlie: I think Victor sticks out because he’s a real kid. Other characters are funny or Tim Burtony but Victor reminds me of myself. Tim films the actors in the recording sessions; their facial expressions and gestures and tries to match it up to how he animates the puppets so, although Victor didn’t look like me, it reminded me of myself.
  • Atticus: In my other roles I’m calm and the semi-smart character of the show. To be able to take it all the away and go all out in a semi villain, lunatic state was a lot of fun.

Atticus ShafferAtticus Shaffer

Kidzworld: In the movie Victor’s dog dies. Have either of you lost a pet?

  • Atticus: I’ve actually become a lot closer to this film because of the fact that, over the summer, after recording, before I saw a screening of the film, my dog that I had for six years passed away so I really became bonded with the film.
  • Charlie: I’m down to one pet now. I have a dog but I’ve had hamsters and rabbits and lizards and stuff die.

Kidzworld: Was it cool to work with Tim Burton? He has worked with some great stars over and over again.

  • Atticus: We have our little speck in the legacy. Absolutely. For me, being hired after the defibrillator woke me up (because I was so shocked), it was just amazing. It was just a flood of emotions. “You’re gonna meet Tim Burton and be in a Tim Burton movie!” and I get to do an impression too? That’s so awesome!
  • Charlie: Yeah. I know Tim re-uses people a lot like obviously Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. It would be cool to work on something else with him.

Kidzworld: Were you guys fans of Tim Burton before this project?

  • Atticus: Absolutely.
  • Charlie: Yeah, definitely. He was one of my favorite directors when I was really young. I was like three or four and obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas. I didn’t even know it was a Tim Burton movie but also Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. Loved that movie.
  • Atticus: And, for me, Corpse Bride because that was the first Tim Burton film I’ve seen start to finish. I’d seen parts of Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands but Corpse Bride made me fall in love with Tim Burton, his mindset and everything because he’s just so creative and groundbreaking. He wants to do things that are outside the box, not the stereotyped, usual way. I watched Alice in Wonderland and didn’t understand too much then watched it a second time and now it’s one of my favorite movies.

Sparky (later Frankenweenie) and VictorSparky (later Frankenweenie) and Victor

Kidzworld: About your impression, had you heard (classic movie star) Peter Lorre’s voice before? Did they just tell you to sound like him? He had a pretty weird voice.

  • Atticus: The very first audition, they just said have it be like Igore. Have an Igore feel to him. I kind of knew how to play that. Then the second and third audition, they said “If possible, do a Peter Lorre impression” and the home-schoolers that me and my mom are, we went and rented The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca and I just sat down and really worked hard on the emotion in his voice and put it into the character.

Kidzworld: You guys are modern teens and part of the whole techno age so how do you feel about this film being done in black and white?

  • Charlie: I thought it was cool. It was the first black and white 3-D animated feature film ever. I feel like he had to make it black and white because of all the old (film) references to like Gamorra and Gremlins and stuff and other references to the monster movies.
  • Atticus: Plus it is a tribute to all the old black and white films made, all the classics, all the original ideas, not the spoofs and spinoffs. It’s this original concept and brought together as a tribute to them. Also, the fact that it will, hopefully, inspire a new generation, to say “Hey, this film was in black and white, maybe I should watch the older black and white classic films”.

Victor (Charlie), family and dog watch a 3-D filmVictor (Charlie), family and dog watch a 3-D film

Kidzworld: Because the Victor character was close to Tim’s own upbringing, Charlie, did he give you any specific advice on how to play him and did you base your character on Tim a little bit?

  • Charlie: He didn’t give me any really specific direction. He just told me that Victor is a real kid. It wasn’t just based on him. It wasn’t an autobiography but he wanted me to be myself, a normal kid. I didn’t have to put on a crazy voice. Victor is not a Tim Burtony, scary character. He’s a real kid. He didn’t want me to act like him.
  • Atticus: Cutting in here, I was remembering that working on the animation, instead of saying “No. That’s not how it should be”, Tim would say “No, that’s not how it was”. So, I definitely think there were aspects of him and his past put into the film.
  • Charlie: I guess I kind of reminded him of himself, maybe. He just told me if I just acted like myself I’d be more what he wanted.

Victor hopes his dog will liveVictor hopes his dog will live

Kidzworld: Atticus, you are an old hand at doing voice work. What is it about it that you like and did you have any tips for Charlie?

  • Atticus: We just met yesterday (they recorded their voices separately). We’ve been doing this (publicity for the film) this entire weekend. We haven’t had time to talk. We’ve said “Hi, how are you?” but I love doing voice-over, impressions and accents. I originally got into acting to do voice-over and, along the way, I fell into theatrical film but I’ve always kept this close to heart. During voice-over, especially with something like this, I feel like (I’m creating something).  In a (feature film) we’ve already been created and we’re putting on different make-up, different personas and that’s the character.

Something like this, everything is hand-made. You have the hand-made puppets (for stop-motion animation) and they are given movement by the animators, then they are given a voice by us as the actors. Then, they get a world to live in because of the set builders. It’s this whole team to create this one character’s world. Being able to create that world is absolutely fantastic.

Kidzworld: Do you think this is too scary for some kids? What is the age cut off?

  • Charlie: It can be anything. It’s not like a horror movie. It has references to old horror movies but it’s not really scary. It’s a kids’ movie. If parents think their kids will be afraid of it, I guess don’t take them to see it.
  • Atticus: Have parents exercise their judgment which is something I hope that people still do, not where I live.. not really, no never. But parents need to exercise their judgment. If they think it’s too scary, it’s too scary but if not, I think it has a great message and it can inspire that new generation.

Atticus with character statuesAtticus with character statues

Kidzworld: I think adults sometimes underestimate the scary level that most kids can endure.

  • Atticus: Now me, no! I could never deal with scary stuff. I was in one scary movie (The Unborn) and I’m still having nightmares about that. No scary movies for me but something like this is not designed to be a horror movie. It’s designed to be a tribute to the old horror movies which weren’t that scary. They were scary at the time, yes but looking at the now and having like Saw 15 out, they aren’t scary.

Kidzworld: So you don’t watch scary movies? Not even for Halloween?

  • Atticus: No. At Halloween, where I live, you stay at home and protect your property. That’s Halloween at my house. Halloween’s not my favorite holiday. I do dress up because it’s an excuse (to do) that. But I’m probably staying home to protect the property.

Charlie and his character VictorCharlie and his character Victor

Kidzworld: Will there be a Halloween episode on your TV show “The Middle”?

  • Atticus: There has been but not an in-depth one. The comment is being made that Halloween isn’t as fun anymore and I can see why with all the crazies out there.

Kidzworld: Charlie, how did you get started in acting?

  • Charlie: When I was really little, like three, my dad was showing me Monty Python. I liked movies a lot and dressed up like Peter Pan until first grade every day. I took acting classes at the Y. We had family friends whose kids were in the business and I tried a commercial one summer and never stopped.

Kidzworld: What do you like about it?

  • Charlie: It’s fun! There is no list of reasons of what I love about it, I just liked it.

Edgar Gore voiced by Atticus ShafferEdgar Gore voiced by Atticus Shaffer

Kidzworld: Both of you, is there any particular type of role you would like to play that you haven’t gotten to play yet?

  • Charlie: I feel like I always play the shy, sensitive kid in distress, like a zombie. I haven’t done a full-blown comedy but there aren’t any big comedy roles for a 14-year-old boy. That’s something I haven’t done at all.
  • Atticus: I had such a good experience being on Frankenweenie, I would love to do another Tim Burton, either animation or a feature film where there is a dark take on things, a dark comedy at times or work on a dramatic film with either Liam Neeson or Russell Crowe.

Kidzworld: Do you want to continue acting?

  • Charlie: Definitely.
  • Atticus: I love acting. For me, acting is a way of being a story-teller. I love telling a story where I’m the character but my hope is to go to college and become a writer/director and be able to tell stories from a different point of view.

Kidzworld: Charlie, did you incorporate any of the old Frankenstein movies into your performance?

  • Charlie: I was familiar with the stories. I like Young Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. I saw bits and pieces of the original ones but Tim didn’t want me to try to become Dr. Frankenstein; just be that real kid.

Little Frankenweenie in happy timesLittle Frankenweenie in happy times

Kidzworld: What is your own phobia? What are you afraid of?

  • Atticus: Oh, I’m deathly afraid of arachnids; centipedes and spiders and scorpions. I can’t play videogames like “Skyward” (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward) because they’ll be the giant, huge fancy-like versions like Frodo had to fight. I’m not brave like Frodo. I’m like “aaaaaaa”. I’ll see one in my house and I’m like “Mom, can you get that while you have your shoes on? You want me to use your flip-flop (to squash it)?”
  • Charlie: I’m really afraid of stink bugs, these weird rectangle-shaped brown bugs and if you touch them they spray this evil, horrible stuff. It smells like poisonous socks (laughter). I’ve been sprayed by them like seven times and nobody in my family has gotten sprayed by them. I found them in my clothes. I live in New Jersey and they’re all around there. Apparently they came from China and they’re pretty scary.



Frankenweenie posterFrankenweenie poster



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The Alice Killings remain, to this day, one of the strangest and unsolvable serial killings in Japan. From #########, a series of five killings took place. The five killings might have been completely different, if not for the "calling card" that the killer left at each crime scene. He would leave a playing card (it varied from killing to killing) at each scene, in an obvious location, that had "Alice" written on it in the victim's blood. Very few clues were found at each crime scene, and eventually, the case went cold. Below are details of each killing. Sasaki Megumi The first victim was Sasaki Megumi, a 29-year-old owner of a restaurant. Those who knew her described her as a headstrong woman with a short temper and a sharp tongue when dealing with her employees. She was known by her customers for her fine cooking and her dedication to her job. Outside of her job, Megumi was very social, and often went to parties. It was after one such party that she went missing. She decided to walk home from her friend's house, seeing as she was only a block from home, and she was a bit too ##### to drive. Several people offered to drive her home, but she shrugged it off. She was seen leaving the party at one in the morning, and this is the last time she was seen alive. The next morning, a couple walking in the woods about a mile from Megumi's house saw a large amount of blood on an overgrown, unused path. Curious, they followed it, where they found Megumi's body. She had been torn apart, her parts impaled on various tree branches. The couple called the police. It was the police that found the playing card, crammed into Megumi's mouth. It was a Jack of Spades, which had the word "Alice" written on it, as previously mentioned. There were no fingerprints or any DNA to be found. There was vomit on the scene, but the female of the couple admitted that it was hers. Yamane Akio Yamane Akio was a barely known singer in a band that never played anything more than at various bars and community functions. His friends described him as a kindhearted man who would never raise his voice offstage. After his death, his band fell apart, not having the heart to find a new singer. Akio was abducted from his apartment on February 11, 2001. His bandmates were the last people to see him alive, as he had practiced with them earlier in the day. That night, his girlfriend came to visit him, and was surprised to find the house empty. Within days, a missing persons report was filed, and a search for him began. On the security footage of the apartment, a hooded figure could be seen entering through a side door, and leaving with a large garbage bag that bulged strangely. This strange appearance was never accounted for, and no one saw the strange man in person. This man is widely believed to be the killer, but his face was never shown, and there appears to be some doubt. The following week, the owner of the bar "Yoshida's" (where the band had often performed) was opening for the day, and was met with a grisly sight. Slumped at a table was Akio's body. His vocal cords had been ripped from his throat, and he had been shot in the head. His "Alice" card was a King of Diamonds, and was found clutched in his hands, along with his ruined vocal cords. Kai Sakura A teen girl, Kai Sakura had her whole life ahead of her. She was a sweet girl, and well loved by her classmates and relatives. She wanted to go to college to be a fashion designer, and was a week from graduating high school when she was abducted. Sakura's family went frantic trying to find her, and the whole town was combed for the lost girl. Her body was found two days later, buried in a shallow grave. It didn't seem that the killer wanted her hidden - on the contrary, he had marked her grave with her "Alice" playing card, the queen of clubs. It had been taped to a stick and stuck on top of the grave. Sakura's body had been horribly mutilated. Her eyes had been carved from her body, her skin was flayed, and her mouth had been carved open. A crown had been sewn to her head, likely while she was still alive. No ###### crimes had been committed, either pre- or post-mortem. Along with Sakura's body was a note, written in straggly handwriting. It contained many disjointed phrases, some of which were unreadable. "Death is a distorted dream.", "She will forever rule.", and "Ha! Ha! Those which die are the lucky ones." were various phrases that had been written, among others. A match to the handwriting was never found. Oshiro Hayato and Hina These two were the last of the killings, and the least gruesome. Hayato and Hina were siblings, and very close. Hina was the elder sister, and was very stubborn. Her younger brother, Hayato, was very smart, and had skipped a grade, causing him to be in the same class as his beloved sister. The two rarely fought, as most siblings tended to. The two were found dead in their beds on April 4, 2005. The cause of death was a lethal injection. The children's bedroom window was open, and it was deduced that the killer snuck in quietly enough to kill the two without waking them, then snuck back out. Each child held half of an Ace of Hearts playing card that, when put together, spelled out the word "Alice." One very smudged footprint was found on their carpet, but closer inspection was made impossible by the severe damage done to the print. This was the only piece of evidence, other than the playing card, left at the scene. A year later, the mother of Hayato and Hina committed suicide out of grief. Their father, who is still alive to this day, is going through extensive therapy to get over the death of his entire family. At this moment, he is heavily depressed, and is extremely medicated. Aftermath Shortly after the death of the Oshiro siblings, a man named Suzuki Yuuto was arrested for the murders. He was a bum with mental problems, who claimed to "not remember" where he was at the time of any of the murders. Most damning of all, he was seen wearing a coat that had belonged to Yamane Akio. A bit of blood on the sleeve tested positive to be his. Yuuto, who was raving at this point, claimed that a "demon black man with no face" had given him the coat. Yuuto was eventually released when a homeless shelter five miles from the Kai household claimed to have Yuuto in their files for the night of Sakura's murder. Since there was no way for him to get to where she was abducted and back without being noticed, Yuuto was released. On April 30, 2008, a producer known as Yugami-P uploaded his first song to nicovideo, called Hitobashira Arisu(translated roughly as Alice of Human Sacrifice). This song is believed to be based off of the Alice Killings. It tells the story of a little dream who lures people into its world, and then goes on to tell the story of each "Alice." The song has a few parallels with each killing: The first Alice (voiced by MEIKO) was trapped in the woods, which is where Megumi's body was found. The second Alice (voiced by KAITO) was a singer who was "shot by a madman." The third Alice (voiced by Hatsune Miku) was well loved, became the country's queen, and was taken over by a "distorted dream." The forth Alice (voiced by Kagamine Rin/Len) was a pair of twins regarded as one "Alice." They are described as a "stubborn" big sister and "intelligent" younger brother. It also speaks of how they have "yet to awaken," a possible reference to them dying in their sleep. In addition, the suits of the cards found with each body are also mentioned. Yugami-P has not stated for sure if this song has any relation to the Alice Killings, but it is widely assumed. * It should be noted that the video provided at the top of the page is not the original video, and was chosen only for its subtitles. The original video was very ambigious, only showing vague pictures of the vocaloids voicing each part. Due to the popularity of the song, this has spawned several fanmade videos, and this is an example of one of those. The original video, for those of you without a NND account, can be viewed here.
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