Get the Look: Ian Somerhalder

Whether you liked him as Boone in Lost or as Damon in The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder has signature look that you can get! Back to Article

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irock66 wrote:
2013-03-06 14:37:20 -0800

me think it is bull s***t

JustADream :
JustADream : wrote:
2012-10-17 19:38:31 -0700

Omg Speechless adjbcflsjdn.♥

Some`Cool`Username_1875379 wrote:
2012-10-12 20:32:26 -0700

hes so cute

Ayumi 'Boom' Gal
Ayumi 'Boom' Gal wrote:
2012-10-12 11:23:12 -0700

Omg Ian Somerhalder is from the Vampire Diaries & I love him! :3 He's my life!!!

Jayda-_2261467 wrote:
2012-10-11 16:57:32 -0700


⋆Never Prejudiced⋆
⋆Never Prejudiced⋆ wrote:
2012-10-11 12:26:15 -0700

I hate talking about guys but.... I actually think that Ian is cute. x3

Nabbie_Bhadd wrote:
2012-10-10 22:08:43 -0700

I dont even know who ths guy is...

Beautiful Brit
Beautiful Brit wrote:
2012-10-10 21:46:14 -0700

OMGawd, Ian is so gawgusss D:

SoFarSoGood-TillDeath_1906228 wrote:
2012-10-10 20:44:29 -0700

Mr.gorgeous. I love you so so so so so much. Yummy. smile

MATTY TV wrote:
2012-10-10 16:26:00 -0700

he is ugly

EmzyLou wrote:
2012-10-10 12:00:10 -0700

OMG Ian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Babe

Lol first post Tongue Out

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Well, you're just going to have to go and give it another chance. You never know, you may like it there. Sometimes we have to face our fears and it might be really scary but usually in the end it is worth it.
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sugarpetals posted in Friends:
I have a friend by the name of Corey....he is awesome,funny,cute and very friendly....and also heartbroken, and i don't think he deserves any of this.....if you go to his profile and read his bio"livininthesouth" all the negatives you read there is not true......he is just having a hard time in life." whispers" the guy need a girl"
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"Kirsteeeeen" wrote:I think you should go. It might be difficult but you never know. You might find something to talk about with his fiance and find a way to talk to her! Or you could be more social with other family. The only way to beat being unsocial in big groups is to put yourself into the situation and learn. You could actually have a great time :)Just relax, be yourself. Ask questions. People love to talk about themselves so ask lots. It'll keep conversation going and you'll learn about possible later conversation topics. Also smile and be friendly. Make small talk. Remember you're there to celebrate a happy time in someone's life. You might not like it but it's their big day, one of the biggest in their life. And your dad and sister are going so you could always stick around them if socializing doesn't work. Sorry for late reply! ^-^ Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. Problem is, only my sister has anything to wear and my dad is fretting over something that will match, but I think that was just sorted out. I'm picky over what to wear and I'm not aloud to wear boots or leggings, which I practically live in. Though I'm probably only going to stay for a few hours since the dog's not able to go to the kennel right now. 
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GirLovesPiggy posted in Friends:
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