The X Factor: Season 2, Episode 12:: Wild Card (Part 1)

Nov 01, 2012

The  X Factor returns this week with the Top 16 contestants moving on from the Judges Houses to live shows in a two hour special, and we get to met the new X Factor hosts Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian! Find out more in the Kidzworld recap of Season 2, Episode 12 which aired October 31st, 2012.

The Young Adults (Demi's Group)

CeceFrey: "Because The Night" by Patti Smith.

  • Critique: With a new makeover featuring platinum blonde locks and leopard print outfit instead of paint, Cece looked and performed like a pop star should, but her vocals weren't as strong as they could have been considering how phenomenal her voice has been in the past.

Willie Jones:  “Here for the Party” by Gretchen Wilson

  • Critique: Willie has incredibel stage presence and can hit some low notes that just drive audiences wild, but the song choice was a little odd, and Simon noted that he didn't care for Demi's choice of styling or background dancers for the country cutie.

Paige Thomas: “What is Love” by Haddaway

  • Critique: Paige looked outta this world in a crazy alien-esque costume, and gave a performance that the judges all thought was the perfect way to opent he show, even if she does still need to strengthen her vocals.

Jennel Garcia: “Home Sweet Home” by Carrie Underwood

  • Critique: Demi has done away with Jennel's cute curls, and tried to deck her out like a rock star to give her that oomph onstage, and she stole hearts with L.A. saying he was convinced she could win. Simon though wants a return to curls, and accused Demi of making her a mini-Demi.

The Teens (Britney's Group)

Beatrice Miller: Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up”

  • Critique: Beatrice was hesitant about this song choice for her, but her rough but jazzy singing voice lent a lot of soul to this slow number.

Arin Ray: “You Keep Me Hanging On” by The Supremes

  • Critique:  The judges agreed that they always enjoy seeing Arin perform, and that he's really matured as an artist, but as always his vocals could be stronger and his movements were slightly stiff.

Carly Rose Sonenclar: “Good Feeling,” by FloRida

  • Critique: Britney wanted to bring out the fun, younger side of the little diva and decided on some fun school uniforms and this lovable pop song, but while Carly's voice was astounding the other judges didn't feel like "fun" came through, leaving them wondering if she needed more time to grow as an artist or just didn't connect to the song.

Diamond White: Train’s “Hey Soul Sister”

  • Critique:  Diamond's performance was pretty much loved by all, but L.A. noticed that it was a little mechanical to start and they want to see her really relax onstage.

Check out Britney getting her team ready below!

The Over-25s (L.A.'s Group)

Tate Stevens: Craig Morgan’s “Tough”

  • Critique: Tate opted for no flashy lights and bands like some of the other acts, but the judges still found him sweet and likable.

 Vino Alan: Nickelback’s “Gotta Be Somebody.”

  • Critique: This song started off rocky for the performer, and the judges weren't feeling it at all (except for L.A., of course). Simon weirdly said he thought it was the song to blame and not Vino.

Jason Brock: JLo's “Dance Again.”

  • Critique: Fog machines, Vegas-style back-up dancers, Simon thought it was all "utterly horrendous" and hated the song choice, and we have to agree that sometimes less is more.

David Correy: “Your Love is My Love” by Whitney Houston.

  • Critique: David managed to really move the crowd and put a lot of feeling into his performance ( a little too much feeling according to Simon), the judges were divided on this one. 

Sister C: “Hell on Heels” by Pistol Annies

  • Critiques: These girls sound amazing and hit all the right notes, but their main problem is being likable, and Demi and L.A. both found the performance to be a little stiff.

The Groups (Simon's Group)

1432 (formerly The Lylas): “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift

  • Critique: After blowing us all away at Simon's house with their performance of "Impossible," the girls didn't quite live up to expectations with this Taylor Swift number, and Demi noted that they need to work on being comfortable as a group and coming out of their shells.

Emblem3: Matisyahu’s “One Day”

  • Critique:  All the judges agreed that Simon made a perfect choice for these surfer studs, and Demi liked the performance so much that she could barely lookt he guys in the eye!

Lyric145: Will Smith’s “Boom! Shake the Room” and “Gangnam Style” Mash-up

  • Critique: This mash-up was fun and energetic, and it got the crowd moving but it wasn't as polished as some of the other performers. 

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Who did you think had the best performance of the night? Let us know in the comments section below.



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IWon'tForget wrote:

@Blind Faith, who's the ugly one drinking pepsi? It's not Demi or Britney.
commented: Fri Nov 02, 2012


IWon'tForget wrote:

@Blind Faith, who's the ugly one drinking pepsi? It's not Demi or Britney.
commented: Fri Nov 02, 2012

Blind Faith

Blind Faith wrote:

Why is the ugly one drinking pepsi???
commented: Thu Nov 01, 2012

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