Breaking Dawn Part 2: Movie Review

Breaking Dawn Part 2: Movie Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 15, 2012
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Bella and the clan wrap it up in Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. Is it all you hoped for? Find out in Kidzworld's review!

By: Lynn Barker

Heroine Bella Swan is all vamped up and ready to go mama-bear protective of her child Renesmee and the Cullen Clan. When the controlling Volturi think “Nessie” breaks their rules as an “immortal child” (child turned vamp), they pack their bags (cloaks?) for Forks and a final confrontation.

Bella’s Brave New World

In order to save Bella (Kristen Stewart)’s immortal life, Edward (Rob Pattinson) had to bite in the vamp venom fast. The newborn, gorgeous, re-“vamped” Bella wakes and explores her surroundings and talents that include great sight, hearing and speed. Oh yeah, and she has the major munchies! Bella and Edward take to the woods to hunt where she smells a wayward hiker but opts for a mountain lion instead. Edward is super impressed with this bride.

Bella discovers new powersBella discovers new powersCourtesy of Summit Entertainment

Confronting Jacob

Jake (Taylor Lautner) meets the new Bella and is surprised “You seem so… you”. She notes that he stinks and goes ballistic on him when she learns he has imprinted on her daughter! He explains that he only feels protective at this point and she backs off.

Emmett and Bella throw downEmmett and Bella throw downCourtesy of Summit Entertainment

New Life

Alice gifts the new couple a cute cabin in the woods where they can make love as equals for the first time. Bella is worried about re-meeting her dad (Billy Burke) and keeping her new life a secret. Jake takes charge by going to Charlie and comically wolfing out telling him that Bella has “changed” as well. Freaked, Charlie meets Bella, who has donned brown contacts and, after meeting his charming granddaughter, he agrees to ask no questions.

Bella and Edward in their fieldBella and Edward in their fieldCourtesy of Summit Entertainment

Ratted Out

When Irina of the Denali Clan (Maggie Grace) spots the fast-growing Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) in the woods, she thinks “immortal child” and rats to the Volturi. Leader Aro (Michael Sheen) decides he now has a reason to get rid of the Cullens forever. He’ll bring the Volturi full force to Forks.

Building an Army

The Cullens put out the call to vampire clans worldwide and they start arriving. Once Renesmee telepathically “tells” them what she is, they are onboard.  Alice and Jasper suddenly leave. Bella later learns that they have made arrangements to protect “Nessie” in Jacob’s care should the Volturi triumph. Bella perfects her “shield” talent. The wolves are onboard for the big battle.

The vamp family with wolfed out JakeThe vamp family with wolfed out JakeCourtesy of Summit Entertainment

The Confrontation

The Volturi arrive in force with Irina and of course mentally powerful Jane (Dakota Fanning) and her bro Alec (Cameron Bright). Irina realizes she was wrong about Renesmee. Will it be big battle or can Aro be convinced that Renesmee is no threat? Is he even willing to be convinced or is he bent on destruction?

Aro is ready to rumbleAro is ready to rumbleCourtesy of Summit Entertainment

Wrapping Up

From the moment the reborn Bella opened her red vampire eyes, fans have been hoping that this final installment of the Twilight film franchise (Rob hates that word) will match Stephenie Meyer’s novel and not disappoint. It both fits the novel AND offers its own version of a Volturi vs. the clans and wolves confrontation. In a twist ending, book purists and action fans both get a satisfying wrap up. Director Bill Condon was obviously the right guy to helm this final episode of the film series.

A posterA posterCourtesy of Summit Entertainment

We won’t give details but the ending also provides closure for fans by presenting visuals that consolidate many moments and characters over the entire film franchise. Loose ends are tied up as well.

Young Mackenzie Foy makes a beautiful Renesmee and Kristen Stewart tells us that she truly enjoyed playing the finally empowered Bella who is a treat to watch as she takes charge and becomes physically and mentally kick-butt. Final confrontation scenes are very visually impressive and exciting and fans of the love story (uh, stories if you count a very brief flash forward to when Renesmee comes of age as Jake’s intended) will be satisfied.

Mother loveMother loveCourtesy of Summit Entertainment

For non-fans, sure, there is some melodramatic and even corny dialogue but, moving at a quick pace and, with the added action, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is one of the most involving and well-executed of all the Twilight films. Fans of the books and of good action sequences should be happy with this one. We’re going 4 stars.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2: 4



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