Dear Dish-It: My Crush Has a Broken Heart

Confused Lover asks: There is this guy in my class who I like and I think he likes me back, but I’m not sure if he’ll ask me out. His last girlfriend broke up with him and he was pretty devastated. I think he is scared to ask me out because he’s afraid I’ll reject him. Should I talk to him about it and try to make him feel better or convince him that I wouldn't do that to him? Back to Article

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country_chic39 wrote:
2012-11-25 14:17:21 -0800

talk 2 him

taykinz14 wrote:
2012-11-25 12:27:10 -0800

talk to himsmile

Tam-babee wrote:
2012-11-24 21:14:30 -0800

Do what you think you should do. Follow your heart and hopefully yours wont get broken. Just jokin

volleyball13 wrote:
2012-11-21 15:11:49 -0800


haijad8 wrote:
2012-11-21 13:29:06 -0800

i would talk to him about it

'Broken;Down' wrote:
2012-11-20 21:30:23 -0800

If only.. ; *

rhi rhi
rhi rhi wrote:
2012-11-20 20:08:21 -0800

I used to have the biggest crush on this guy on here. And finally got the guts to tell him. Then he tells me hes not coming on here anymore Frown

sweetjaja21 wrote:
2012-11-20 19:59:48 -0800


pinky246 wrote:
2012-11-20 19:57:42 -0800

pulled them out there 100s way does that mean no offense

*SharkySoTatted*_2241198 wrote:
2012-11-20 19:56:10 -0800

Love Sosa baby!!!!!!

*SharkySoTatted*_2241198 wrote:
2012-11-20 19:55:51 -0800

ii be like i got them stacks baby and she be like you needa show me i pulled them 100s out my right pocket and 50s out my life #chief keef

EmilyOsmentFan wrote:
2012-11-20 12:53:01 -0800

if i was her i would get to know him, start a convo. always have something to talk about.

icenana wrote:
2012-11-19 20:34:09 -0800

also keeping beeing yourself cause u act like someone eales and he asks u out that means he dosen't like u for beeing u

icenana wrote:
2012-11-19 20:32:05 -0800

give it time and if he dosen't ask u they r more fish in the sea i know how u feel girl i am with u all the way just tell me i am icenana or just call me nadia

ashlerocks031 wrote:
2012-11-19 15:27:05 -0800

here is what you do pre tend to be someone ese on the phone and just ask him out jk that is not what you do spend some 1 on 1 time and let him fall in love with you

brookehyland2 wrote:
2012-11-18 12:29:56 -0800

just be ur self and be nice

brookehyland2 wrote:
2012-11-18 12:29:55 -0800

just be ur self and be nice

sweetisnotmyname wrote:
2012-11-18 10:14:27 -0800

i wish my crou

angel716 wrote:
2012-11-17 11:47:50 -0800

dont worry i know how you feel just wait for him to make his move and just be yourself

9bella wrote:
2012-11-17 08:19:33 -0800

my boy fr dont do that to me

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Broken Heart - Been There, Done That?

  • When my relationships end, it is the worst pain.
  • Nope, when it's over, it's over. Never look back.

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I'm fabulous :D
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