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Pitch Perfect Blu-ray + DVD Review

Pitch Perfect Blu-ray + DVD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 21, 2012
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

Kidzworld reviews the funny, “Glee-style” comedy movie Pitch Perfect

By: Lynn Barker

Hey, you are a Freshman in college and you’re looking for fun activities.. or at least something to belong to that will keep the parents happy! D.J. Beca finds “The Bellas”, a lame, although in tune, a capella girl group and whips them into shape!

The BellasThe Bellas

Story Goes: Beca (Anna Kendrick of the Twilight saga) is a freshman at college who had rather be in L.A. looking for work as a DJ/re-mixer. Hey, she’s good at it.  But, her college prof dad will pay her way through school if she earns a degree. He insists that she mix in and join… something.

Beca (left) joins the BellasBeca (left) joins the Bellas

In addition to interning at the campus radio station, Beca tries out for the Bellas, a lame/tame gaggle of a cappella gals who, despite their great harmonies, dress like 1970’s flight attendants and sing songs from at least 20 years ago. The Bellas are led by mean girls Aubrey (Anna Camp) and her BFF assistant Chloe (Brittany Snow of Hairspray). “Fat Amy” (the wonderful Rebel Wilson) and other quirky misfits make up the group.  

The Bellas ready to riffThe Bellas ready to riff

Beca is attracted to Jesse (Skylar Astin) a fellow radio station intern who sings with way-more-popular, rival campus guy group The TrebleMakers. He’s got the hots for her too but it’s a rough road to a match-up. After a cool musical riff-off at the bottom of an empty swimming pool, a lot of the girls realize that Beca can take them into all new, modern mash-ups including rap. Aubrey is worried.

Out of the Bellas for a while, Beca returns to save the day and take over from Aubrey before the final International a cappella competition which, of course, results in amazing music and a win for all, including Jesse who finally gets a big smooch from Beca.

The Bellas on stageThe Bellas on stage

Special Features: We got the cool Blu-ray/DVD/ Digital plus Ultraviolet Combo pack.

Most of the extras consist of various versions of hilarious, ad-libbed lines, flubs and outtakes. We love that stuff, especially when the cast is as talented at it as these guys are! 

Rebel Wilson and Anna KendrickRebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick

Starship: The Pitch Perfect Music Video – The cast records the song and you can sing and dance along with other “real people” recorded doing just that.  This is a very fun song to get up and groove to. 

Deleted and Extended Scenes – about 8 of them, are all worth a watch for both funny and sweet additions to the story. Rebel Wilson has a field day ad-libbing some real doozies! 

Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) really sells it!Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) really sells it!

Meanwhile….More ad-libbed dialogue and scenes cut from the film. At the “Activities Fair”, “Hood Night”, the “Burrito Hit”, “ToneHangers fight” and the Bellas’ “Confessional”. More funny stuff, just as good as what actually made in into the movie!

Line-O-Ramas – like outtakes as the girls crack up on set at ad-libs and inappropriate (not PG-13) lines. Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgens as the a capella competition judges are just hilarious. Well worth a watch.

Judges Elizabeth Banks and John Michael HigginsJudges Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins

Backstage at Barden – consists of brief ‘selling’ films with actors in character. Elizabeth Banks, as judge Gail, interviews singers Bumper and Benji.. very short but funny.

On the Set: Burrito Drive By – takes apart the scene in which Fat Amy is hit full front with a greasy burrito thrown by Bumper, leader of the “TrebleMakers”. Very short but fully to watch the various ‘tries”. Poor Rebel takes the hits.

A Look Inside – the actors briefly talk about their roles.. just not enough of this.

Commentaries (2) –One with producer Paul Brooks and one with director Jason Moore and producers Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman. Without any real “Behind the Scenes” or “Making Of” featurettes on this set, these commentaries let you know more about the making of the films. Sometimes funny but informational and a good listen at least once for the insider info. It is always more fun to hear the actors on commentaries however. 

Pitch Perfect Cover ArtPitch Perfect Cover Art

Wrapping Up

Whether you are a “Gleek” or just enjoy a crazy Bridesmaids-style girl comedy, this movie will really entertain you. There is some cool music as well. The dialogue alone.. evidently mostly ad-libbed by the talented cast, will crack you up.

The extras are mostly various ad-libbed jokes but they are really funny and worth a listen. The music video is danceable. Wish there were more things actually shot during the making of the film and more with the actors however. Overall, this cool set would make a great last-minute Holiday gift or addition to your collection.. Movie gets four stars.. home video gets 3. 

Pitch Perfect Blu-ray + DVD Rating: 3



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