Mindy Kaling Bio

Mindy Kaling first caught the public’s eye when she appeared in the documentary-like sitcom The Office alongside funny people like Steve Carrell, but now the comedian/actress is taking the TV world by storm again with her very own show, The Mindy Project! Find out more about her in her Kidzworld Bio. Back to Article

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Doctor10 wrote:
2014-04-07 10:06:30 -0700

They say they're "Just Friends" uh huh. Right. Totally.

thecaringlion wrote:
2013-05-20 11:27:39 -0700

i love mindy kaling and bj novak together! I WISH THEY WOULD JUST GET MARRIED!!! haha.

Prophey wrote:
2013-01-14 19:58:03 -0800

im gonna marry her she is hot!

msbieber123 wrote:
2013-01-08 22:09:25 -0800

Justin alway

;anchor. wrote:
2013-01-07 17:12:41 -0800

omg, i'm going to marry mindy. o.o

tori25a12345 wrote:
2013-01-07 14:33:27 -0800

me too

Miss soccer
Miss soccer wrote:
2013-01-07 13:43:06 -0800

Love that show

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What's your fave sitcom on TV?

  • The Mindy Project
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Two and Half Men
  • How I Met Your Mother

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Lucy left on a horse on Thursday,was gone for two days, and comes back on a horse,on Thursday how is that possible? :/
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