How to Host a Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras is known as “the festival season,” and is one of the most colorful holidays celebrated in America and all over the world, you can join in the fun by hosting your very own Mardi Gras party. Back to Article

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-MrStealYoGirl- wrote:
2014-03-04 12:30:37 -0800

i hear that throwing beads is annoying

LonelyUnicorn wrote:
2014-03-04 09:32:52 -0800

I have a Mardi gras tee.
Idek why.

partyanyx wrote:
2013-02-12 12:29:57 -0800

second year of mardi gras and already fell like a native =]

lemonadewithbrownies wrote:
2013-02-05 04:24:13 -0800

i love the donut kingcake at mardigras in my area of louisiana

cajuncutie12 wrote:
2013-02-04 17:41:04 -0800

Best time of the year. Proud to be a Louisiana native. smile

100%Boricuababy!! wrote:
2013-02-04 10:19:05 -0800

i LUvv all kinds of parties !!!! ^_^

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What does "Mardi Gras" mean in French?

  • Fat Tuesday
  • Big Meal Day
  • Party Fun
  • Ash Wednesday

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