Pretty Little Liars: Season 3, Episode 18:: Dead to Me

Feb 06, 2013

This week on Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 18) the DiLaurentis family is set to bury Ali all over again, and the girls say  goodbye again. Read the Kidzworld Recap of “Dead to Me” which aired February 5th, 2013 to discover what you missed!

It's All Relative

Ezra may have taken off to see his son, but that hasn't stopped Aria from hanging around his apartment, water his plants? When the younger Fitzgerald brother pitches up the two start to bond and Aria discovers after he hits a stranger in the face that he's been trying to break away from the family the way Ezra has by doing a series of things to rock the boat - like hitting on his physics teacher. He says the reason his mom hates Aria is because she is completely unexpected and really changed Ezra.

The Fitzgeralds aren't the only ones with issues with their parents, Caleb gets a call saying his childhood home is being sold, and Hanna pressures him to go out there and see if there's anything in the old house that he wants. While there Hanna talks to his Uncle Jamie who gives her a baby photo of Caleb that hints that perhaps he was Caleb's dad all along! But Caleb isn't buying it.

What's Up Doc?

Emily is having a hard time coming to terms with having killed Nate, although everyone calls her a hero, and when she stops by the police station to get a better look at that photo of Detective Wilden in Cape May she discovers one of the postcards she put in Ali's grave saying that the police already know she's a murderer (in french, Spencer has to translate for her.) Emily decides to pay a visit to Dr. Sullivan who recommends hypnosis, but when Em goes under she thinks it might be her who killed Ali! She's not the only one to visit the Doc, Mona stops by to vaguely threaten the Sullivan, making us wonder about her involvement.

Grave Matters

Jason finds the girls to tell them that Ali's body is being buried again, this time in a mausoleum, and that they are welcome to and say goodbye again, but Spencer is still reeling from her discovery about Toby being in the "A" club (you ca't miss the wild look in her eye, or the circles underneath them) and says she won't go. Her private investigator discovers where the key goes to and also has tracked Toby and found out that he's buying hydrangeas. Not exactly the stuff of killers? Spencer reveals that she still has hope for their relationship, hoping that behind the door will reveal that he still cared about her, but when she goes to check the place out she discovers a dirty stripped down room, not hearts and flowers. She storms into the mausoleum and reveals to Jason that Ali was pregnant when she died and that the father is Detective Wilden to the girls shock and horror, and then storms out. As they're leaving and discussing what to do about Spencer, the graveyard sprinkler turns on and Emily's memory is job - her dream under hypnosis wasn't about killing Ali, it was about the night she was drugged and brought to the graveside and she saw a blonde woman in a red coat - that's who's the leader of the A team!

Insiders-Exclusive clip for next week’s (Tuesday Feb 12th) episode: “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted”


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JennyD wrote:

Pretty Little Liars is awesome!!
commented: Wed Jul 31, 2013


angel226 wrote:

Love pretty little liars so much!!!!
commented: Wed Feb 06, 2013

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