Top 10 Love Songs 2013

Valentine's Day is almost here and love is in the air, and on the airwaves! There's no shortage of romantic tunes to make the perfect playlist to win over your crush. Check out the Top 10 Love Songs of 2013! Back to Article

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Anka95 wrote:
2014-07-27 04:12:06 -0700

Demi Lovato..... Bruno Mars.....yeah....I ♥ them......

Turtletastic wrote:
2014-05-07 16:11:56 -0700


kelsey35 wrote:
2014-05-07 12:35:32 -0700

i love same love by michalemmalore

-Angieeee wrote:
2014-02-10 17:43:47 -0800

FHCC these dumb ass love songs too lmaoo umm like we should have some OGBOBBYJHONSON MUISC in this bhishh or some other shi no this lovey dobey shii like ...your my love I love you nawh it should be like IMA FIND YOUR GRANDMA AND SHOOT HER IN HER TATAS SKURT PASS SKURTT PAA NIQQUHS ITS 3 MILLI lls I'm bored

Emogurl4life wrote:
2014-02-10 10:32:19 -0800

I love Bruno Mars

-FallinForYou- wrote:
2014-02-10 10:29:37 -0800

"Thinking about you" Franke Ocean ♥

-AnaNicole- wrote:
2014-02-09 08:02:31 -0800

I love Bruno mars(:

Brenda13 wrote:
2014-02-05 04:39:58 -0800

I like "Little things" and "Give your heart a break".... smile

Ayeitstaylor wrote:
2014-02-01 17:17:08 -0800

all of them are great songs

unet101 wrote:
2014-01-31 20:08:32 -0800

Actually since I haven't heard all them I can't say that must my theory is most likey true.

unet101 wrote:
2014-01-31 20:07:59 -0800

I have only heard one of these and didn't like it. None of these are about "true" love -_-

taytaypeace wrote:
2014-01-31 19:56:57 -0800

Bruno and miguel!!!!!!!!!!! Love

alana912 wrote:
2014-01-29 09:08:50 -0800

i only like 3 of these songs lol

Punicorn wrote:
2014-01-29 09:07:42 -0800

I like most of these but not all

CuteMoo2 wrote:
2014-01-29 09:06:47 -0800

smile looove all these smile

dances with wolves
dances with wolves wrote:
2013-12-03 09:26:46 -0800

i think story of my life and the new midnight memories r the best.

luvliampayne wrote:
2013-12-03 08:54:32 -0800


singingstar25 wrote:
2013-11-29 15:42:31 -0800

Little Things ~ One Direction ♥♥ My boys :')

BroJoeJoe wrote:
2013-11-29 15:39:12 -0800

What about Kodaline's/Passenger's songs? Those are pretty good love songs. xDD.

MysteriousRedBride wrote:
2013-11-29 15:27:30 -0800

I only like the Mumford and Sons song .-.

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What's Your Fave Love Song?

  • Baby It's You by JoJo and Bow Wow.
  • The Reason by Hoobastank.
  • My Boo by Usher and Alicia Keys.
  • Only U by Ashanti.

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Zac Efron :D
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ONE DIRECTION ALL THE WAY!! One Direction are amazing role models for guys and girls. Justin is an idiot(sorry guys).
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