Dear Dish-it: Am I Cool?

Questionably Cool asks: I don't think I'm cool. I have lots of friends, and even a girlfriend. Does that make me cool? Back to Article

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misscabot wrote:
2013-03-25 13:07:39 -0700

It dosn't matter if your cool or not! Just be yourself and e proud! Big Grin. Even I am not cool! Frown

eddie-. wrote:
2013-03-25 07:27:56 -0700

i'm cool (;

parad0x- wrote:
2013-03-24 17:24:24 -0700

lol. nah bro, your girlfriend hates you and so do your friends. xD

kendaall; wrote:
2013-03-24 17:06:43 -0700

hushhhhh amanda. just shhhhh. i don't want to hear it xD

;amandamarie.- wrote:
2013-03-24 17:06:13 -0700

he's lying to you. xD

spontaneouss wrote:
2013-03-24 17:04:29 -0700

hahaha I am neutral kendall .

kendaall; wrote:
2013-03-24 17:02:49 -0700

danny, you're suppose to be on my side. noooooooooo. o;

;amandamarie.- wrote:
2013-03-24 17:02:02 -0700

i like this kid. lol.
kendall, you need to SWERVE (;

spontaneouss wrote:
2013-03-24 16:54:44 -0700

sorry to interrupt but Amanda is cooler than goats okay Kendall . x)

kendaall; wrote:
2013-03-24 16:48:29 -0700

amanda, you're not cool (;

;amandamarie.- wrote:
2013-03-24 16:47:41 -0700

man, i'm beyond cool.

iwuvcandy909 wrote:
2013-03-24 13:54:38 -0700

everybody is coll just the way they are it doesnt matter if they are ugly or pretty, handsome or watever if your the most nicest person you have everything friends family and maybe a girl/boy friend thats pretty much anybody could need in life SO AXCEPT YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE CUZ YOUR AWSOME!!!

ligtningboltgirl9900 wrote:
2013-03-14 07:02:52 -0700

Everone has their own beauty and personality. You don't have to be cool to have strength in yourself! smile

Trey19999 wrote:
2013-03-13 16:01:52 -0700

Don't worry about popularity ! Trust me ! You go to a school with say 100 friends. By the time you get older, youll still talk to about 2 of those 100 friends. So it wont even matter what shoes you wore or if you weaar holister or nike because you won't get a job because of the shoes you had on in middle and high school. The big point is IT DOESNT MATTER!


Kattnisseverdeen wrote:
2013-03-09 20:49:18 -0800

everyone is cool exept the mean people. popularity is over rated

Cutie6517 wrote:
2013-03-09 19:36:38 -0800

Don't focus so much on popularity. Everyone has the things that are our strengths and weaknesses. Instead of focusing on whether you are cool or not, focus on how you are treating the people around you, and that you try your hardest in everything you do.

mississippimud wrote:
2013-03-08 19:23:44 -0800

everybody is cool you just have to realize it

Betzy123 wrote:
2013-03-06 08:29:42 -0800

Why do they lie to us?

Brookey11 wrote:
2013-03-05 16:16:11 -0800

ur cool in ur own way smile

Clueless23 wrote:
2013-03-05 16:10:14 -0800

the only thing that should matter is what you think about yourself...

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  • Everyone thinks you're the hottest kid in school.
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