Dear Dish-it: I Hate the Way I Look

Overweight asks: I'm only 11-years-old and I weigh 155 pounds. I know I'm fat, but I want to lose weight and get a boyfriend. Can you help me? Back to Article

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NiyaBabyLove wrote:
2014-09-09 14:10:54 -0700

dont hate yourself u are beautiful accept that

NiyaBabyLove wrote:
2014-09-09 14:09:43 -0700

actually u are no big my uncle is 200 pounds so don't doubt your self and don't try to hurt your self over anything like that because u are beautiful just the way u are and if no boy can accept that then forget them because all u need to know is that u are beautiful i will kill to be thick but im not sadly lol but people and boys still like me i am also short and I'm proud of it so be proud of who u are and not what people think of u Love

irene12 wrote:
2014-09-06 02:51:43 -0700

Yeah like me I can tell when someone likes me for I am and when someone likes me for my looks...

getreal62 wrote:
2014-09-06 00:39:41 -0700

Im an average looking guy i cant tell who likes me genuinely and who likes what i look like they all claim to like more than what i look like but they dont looks r totally insignificant in life

hellokitty711 wrote:
2014-09-05 23:23:10 -0700

Dont hate on yourselves. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and if anyone needs to talk im here for u

DacshundLove wrote:
2014-09-04 17:42:16 -0700

Don't hate yourself some people have worse lives. Everyone's perfect in there own way. It doesn't matter what size what shape what color. It's not how other people think about you it's how you think about yourself

sandra18 wrote:
2014-09-04 17:25:55 -0700

I am an 8th grader I waight 146 others waight 120 at my school I hate my self

vinyl wrote:
2014-09-04 12:02:28 -0700

im ugly and fat too!

Lonelylemon- wrote:
2014-09-04 07:58:27 -0700

I'm underweight Frown

whoisimplyam wrote:
2014-09-04 05:03:43 -0700

I really don't like how i am.

samuelmedalc wrote:
2014-09-04 04:00:12 -0700

dont worry i will help you

deepakpandiar wrote:
2014-09-04 02:05:12 -0700

learn yoga , am sure you need not do any thing

deepakpandiar wrote:
2014-09-04 02:02:42 -0700

yoga can control your mind and body

arusharocks99 wrote:
2014-09-04 00:35:15 -0700

i too hate d way i look! :o

Mayumi12 wrote:
2014-09-04 00:30:23 -0700

Me too.. i hate the way i look so im trying to rebuilding myself

lovelots224 wrote:
2014-09-03 17:06:33 -0700

i have all ways hate the way i look im never perfict at all

JezzyJ wrote:
2014-09-03 17:05:13 -0700

I hate da way I look to 0:

gabby502bestgamer wrote:
2014-07-18 09:17:52 -0700 comment

_obey_trin_ wrote:
2014-07-03 07:15:58 -0700

Im the shortest in my group

Shrimpo wrote:
2014-05-02 04:36:10 -0700

Haha! Funny! My crush is 4' 11" or 5'0". It's funny cuz i am the oldest in my group except my crush. So usually I am the oldest but not the tallest!! Haha.

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Best Way to Lose Weight?

  • Eat more fruits and veggies, even though I hate them.
  • Swear off junk food.
  • Exercise three times a week.
  • Stick to a healthy diet - and follow it!

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I just wanted to chime in - I agree with the above poster :) It's tough to be a creative, many people generally react strongly when they a. either feel threatened by something (in this case your individuality and talent - drawing is a gift!) or b. are a little jealous. I always like to think when people are rude - it's more of a negative reflection of their own insecurity and self and LESS about you at all.  Despite knowing that - it's still hurts. I am glad you shared your story, that was brave and I bet other girls here will feel a little better knowing they are not alone in feeling this way.  Lastly, I know none of you guys know me yet as today is my first day BUT I LOVE, like LOVE Henry David Thoreau. He is one of my absolute favourite writers. <3 
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what color should i pick? Whatever floats your boat is what colours you should pick :)
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CherrytheSkylyn posted in Style:
Huh. You learn something new everyday.
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"CherrytheSkylyn" wrote:Why do people even get pedicures? People generally don't pay any attention to your feet, and on top of that your shoes usually cover up your toes in public. But if you must know, I think a light pink color will make for a nice accent. Because pedicures are often health related, not just for looks. It's like getting braces or something. Sometimes it's purely cosmetic, but it also improves the health of your mouth if you have problems. Except this is feet.
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