Dear Dish-it: I Have Crooked Teeth

Crooked asks: I have horrible teeth. They’re crooked, and new teeth are growing where there isn't room. I dread smiling with teeth, but even with a closed mouth I look like I’m scowling. I also hate brushing my teeth so I’ve stopped. I figure mouthwash does the same thing. How can I stop my teeth from being crooked without getting braces, because I hate going to the dentist. Back to Article

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JezzyJ wrote:
2014-10-01 17:17:38 -0700

i have straight teeth perfectly alligned when i was born XD

prettycandy1169 wrote:
2014-07-03 04:41:50 -0700

I recently got braces and I have got at least that much confidence thatt I can smile confidently. I look far better now and it wont pain either. trust me! smile

Carmzrocks10 wrote:
2014-05-25 13:44:26 -0700

I getting braces soon but I'm sure it will be fine.

Mrocks05 wrote:
2014-05-11 17:06:20 -0700

I have t get an appliance and retaniner im cared too

KaptainCrazi_ wrote:
2014-02-06 16:16:19 -0800

Im getting my braces in March!!

bieberliker152 wrote:
2014-01-05 19:52:35 -0800

I have to get braces and I'm scared

guesswhoo123 wrote:
2013-12-30 06:21:00 -0800

you stopped brushing your teeth ? did it change anything? i just wanna know cuz i brush my teeth everyday and they dont change !so if i stopped for a lil bit if anything would change?

toffeebiscuitgirl123 wrote:
2013-12-13 12:17:42 -0800

imnotjust saying this... myteethare over-crowded and i hav and over bite. i got braces about a month ago and i was really nervous. but now i hav realised they r not as bad as i thought and nowi kinda love them

puppy_love315 wrote:
2013-12-06 15:40:25 -0800

I would love braces I think I need some

puppy_love315 wrote:
2013-12-06 15:39:55 -0800

omg I need that

iCraft wrote:
2013-12-03 08:04:30 -0800

Brushing doesn't have anything to do with how straight your teeth are.

iCraft wrote:
2013-12-03 08:03:32 -0800

I'd advise against that. Invisalign is more expensive and you need to wear it longer. That means more orthodontist appointments.

hutcherson92 wrote:
2013-10-21 08:32:02 -0700

Ok listen to me I thought the same thing about brushing your teeth so I stopped for like 3 months but now the dentist said I had to see a highenist so dudette brush your teeth before it's too late

Nerdalox wrote:
2013-10-19 23:25:35 -0700

Definitely getting the Invisalign instead of braces...

PrinccesBrittany wrote:
2013-09-21 10:49:21 -0700

I feel ya sister!

i31direction wrote:
2013-08-15 14:01:16 -0700

i think i my need braces and i dont care cause if i get braces i wou ld get a cute pair of wight braces witch my friend has and plus my sister want braces but she does not need it my sister will be jelouse if i had them

wolfiegal wrote:
2013-08-11 07:58:33 -0700

Wow. At least I have straight teeth o.o

Sheakeypoo72 wrote:
2013-08-11 07:48:47 -0700

I had to have oral surgery because I still had baby teeth and I need braces uggghh but they really help a lot

BTatiB wrote:
2013-08-11 07:26:16 -0700

I think I need braces

its_sophie_ wrote:
2013-08-04 07:19:16 -0700

i going through the same thing... i have horrid teeth.. but i know ater all the braces and dentist appoments you will look beautiful..well if you are a guy you will look handson..well i bet you look great even before you ave braces smile

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What's the worst part about caring for your teeth?

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Going to the Dentist
  • Braces

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