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The sun is shining and we have the whole summer ahead of us so why hang out in a stuffy mall when you can shop in the comfort of your own home? Back to Article

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arthi wrote:
2013-05-30 23:17:06 -0700

yaa it isnt safe

fauna14 wrote:
2013-05-30 23:16:44 -0700


aneesha7 wrote:
2013-05-30 23:15:13 -0700

ok, btw its the truth

Blind Faith
Blind Faith wrote:
2013-05-30 23:14:56 -0700

Love Will Find Awa? O_O wtf

AyOoOoDe wrote:
2013-05-30 23:12:53 -0700

Yah i'm with u aneesha7

aneesha7 wrote:
2013-05-30 23:08:40 -0700

online shopping is not comfortable for me haha
Big Grin

Clara Meyz_2287948
Clara Meyz_2287948 wrote:
2013-05-28 23:24:09 -0700

too bad this online shop cannot reach my country Frown

shae508 wrote:
2013-05-28 19:58:08 -0700

all i heard of is forever 21.

junior mod
-Allie- wrote:
2013-05-28 18:34:42 -0700

Never even heard of Modcloth til this article.

thecaringlion wrote:
2013-05-28 12:04:07 -0700

modcloth is so great! they have so much stuff besides clothing and i love the style of all the stuff!

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What Do You Think About When You're Clothes Shopping?

  • I'm thinking about whether the pearly top or the sheer button up will go better with my studded pumps.
  • I think about where the material is sourced and if it's been ethically farmed.
  • I think about color and shape and if the material is organic or if my purchase helps out a charity all the better!
  • I think about how much money I have in my wallet and if I can even afford it.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Cutiebee12 posted in Friends:
this year.... Still have....
reply about 4 hours
arosha posted in Family Issues:
my parents never fight
reply about 5 hours
my parents are prolly like a 5 i mean i dont have chores or anything but i cant stay at my friends house unless theyve met the parents and have known them for a while. I also cant just leave the house and go for a walk or anything even if i have a phone.
reply about 8 hours
xXlove-bugXx posted in Style:
Ive noticed everyone is trying to be "country" or "redneck" all of sudden. I just dont get it i mean im dating a redneck but the difference is hes a real redneck, hes lived in the country and knows how to ride a horse and fish. But alot of people nowadays are trying to say their country or redneck because they listen to bands like "Florida Georgia line" and i just dont understand it, its not a fashion statement its a lifestyle. What are your opinions on it?
reply about 8 hours
My parents are about an 8. I put a lot of care and effort into my schoolwork, so they'd only take away my privileges (phone, internet, DS) if I wasn't trying. But, I give it my all, and behave in general, so they're pretty easy. However, I knew this girl in home and careers class last year who got her phone taken away because her grade point average was 3.4 instead of 3.66.
reply about 10 hours