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Top 10 Skateparks in the World

Jun 09, 2013

Skating, inline blading and BMX biking are enjoyed by people from every country in the world. Skate parks are like playgrounds to skaters, and fans of the sport are always on the lookout for the biggest, wildest, craziest courses to conquer! From America’s West Coast to city of France, skate parks come in all styles and each offers its own unique twist. Here are the world’s ten largest and most well-known skate parks!

No. 10 - SkateLab, Atlantic Beach Florida

SkateLabSkateLabCourtesy of skatelab

Part indoor, part outdoor, the Atlantic Beach Skate Lab is the banana split of rails, verts, ramps and jumps. Unlike many strictly outdoor parks, weather does not affect your experience, as the inside area is just as enjoyable as the outdoor sector.

No. 9 - Black Pearl Skate Park, Cayman Islands

Black PearlBlack PearlCourtesy of concretedisciples

Located in the gorgeous Cayman Islands, Black Pearl is the world’s largest outdoor concrete skate park. This massive park covers over 52,000 square feet and features courses for beginner, intermediate and expert skaters. Not big into skating? Located right next to the skate park is the world’s largest wave pool, producing a constant 11 foot swell to surf until your heart is content!

No. 8 - Louisville Extreme Park

Louisville Extreme ParkLouisville Extreme ParkCourtesy of louisvilleextremepark

With a 24-foot full pipe, Extreme Park never falls short of its name! This enormous concrete playground spans 40,000 square feet and ranks as one of the largest skate parks in the nation. Among the unique features of the park are its hours of operation. The park is actually open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing skating, biking or inline bliss on demand!

No. 7 - SMP Skatepark, Shanghai China

SMP SkateparkSMP SkateparkCourtesy of vitalbmx

SMP Skate Park is an enormous outdoor spans 44,936 square feet and represents China’s largest skate park. Each year SMP holds an international skate competition known as The Showdown.” If you’re a skater, its hard to think of a more fitting place to compete. Not a skater, not a problem! Enjoy the activities from a 12,300 square foot viewing deck and plaza!

No. 6 - Marseille Skatepark, France

Marseille Skatepark,Marseille Skatepark,Courtesy of mareseilleskatepark

An urban skatepark covered in graffiti art work, Marseilles Skatepark is both beautiful and expansive. As France’s largest outdoor skate park, skaters from all over Europe stop by to grind on the various painted bowls and verts. It’s unique style sets Marseilles apart from other parks around the world and offers a new experience unlike the usual terrain of outdoor parks.

No. 5 - Stoke Plaza, Stoke-On-Trent, England

Stoke Plaza,Stoke Plaza,Courtesy of sketchyskateboarding

Stoke Plaza is England’s premiere skate park, spanning 34,000 square feet. The park cost over $500,000 to create and features a unique design. If you don’t want to partake in the skating, there are quite a few designated “safe zones” where bystanders can hang out and observe!

No. 4 - VANS Skatepark, California

VANS SkateparkVANS SkateparkCourtesy of VANS

This enormous indoor/outdoor skate park was created by Vans Shoe Company, a prominent skating shoe brand. Made for inline skating and skateboarding, the slick wood allows for a smooth and controlled ride through the course’s ramps, rails and verts. Outside, riders can delight in concrete bowls and pools covering over 20,000 square feet of skateable area.

No. 3 - Kona Skate Park, Jacksonville, Florida

Kona Skate ParkKona Skate ParkCourtesy of concretedisciples

The world-famous Kona skate park offers one of the world’s most unique skating experiences. Smooth, pastel colored concrete has helped make Kona a favorite among professionals and hobbyists, and has earned it a spot in several popular skating video games. New to the world of skating? No problem! Kona USA offers a skate camp with professional instructions to have you skating like a pro in no time!

No. 2 - Amazing Square Skate Park, Japan

Amazing Square Skate ParkAmazing Square Skate ParkCourtesy of willyharbs

Amazing Square is a Japanese monster of a skate park! Featuring all the amenities of a good park, including a massive half pipe, the park is open 24 hours a day for total skating rapture! Enjoy street skating courses, rails, stairs and more as you skate around Tokyo’s most memorable park.

No. 1 - Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park, California

Lake Cunningham Regional Skate ParkLake Cunningham Regional Skate ParkCourtesy of concretedisciples

Quite possibly one of the most unique skate parks, LCRSP is in a league all its own! Riders enjoy a 70 foot long, 22 foot wide full pipe, bowls, pools, thimbles, cradles, a mega wall and a street course! Spectators can watch the action for free but must sign a waiver at the door. Bikers can join in the fun and make use of the course, however the pools are off limits!

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