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Radz Candy Dispenser Review

August 01, 2013

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Radz Candy Dispenser Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Aug 01, 2013
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

Radz Candy dispensers come in a variety of fun colors and characters with a host of onlien games that go way beyond dishing out delicious candy (although of course they do that too!) Check out the Kidzworld Review of Radz Candy Dispensers!

You can get Animal Radz, Sporty Radz or Every Day RadzYou can get Animal Radz, Sporty Radz or Every Day RadzCourtesy of Radz

Meet The Radz!

Who doesn't like candy? Radz Candy Dispensers are meant to make enjoying sweets even sweeter. Since starting out last year, Radz has released several different lines of toys/candy dispensers, so there are characters for all types of interests like:

  • Animal Radz: Scratch the Tiger, Bandit the Zebra, Spanky the Monkey and Squeak the Penguin
  • Every Day Radz: Antic, Bubbs, Critter and Scorch
  • Sports Crazy Radz: Homer the Baseball, PK the Soccer Ball, Hoops the Basketball, and Jaxon the Sports Fan

Scratch the Tiger, Bandit the Zebra, Spanky the Monkey and Squeak the PenguinScratch the Tiger, Bandit the Zebra, Spanky the Monkey and Squeak the PenguinCourtesy of Radz

Radz come with a few surprises, like I bet you wouldn't guess that once you start collecting them you can mix and match their hair, or that some packs of candy come with a surprise pair of glasses to spice up your Radz' looks. That's not all, Radz offers apps like Radz: ZapTap (a flying game), Radz: ZigZag (a climbing game that will take you up the Radzberry Tree) and ZipFlip ( a fast-paced game where you have to rescue the Radz from a candy prison!) The apps are available at www.RadzWorld.com or through The Apple Store and Radz Dispensers retail at around $4.99 to $5.99 and candy refills are $1.49.

Radz have interchangeable hair!Radz have interchangeable hair!Courtesy of Radz

The Bottom Line

These fun collectible candy dispensers are perfect for anyone who loves sets and small toys, and if you have younger siblings this would make the perfect gift (everyone knows that if you give your kid brother or sister anything to do with candy, they'll probably do whatever you want!) The citrus-flavored candy isn't as sour or sweet as a lot of candies you might find in stores, so for those of you who are absolutely candy-crazy this little sweets might not hit the spot, but that's offset by the fun of being able to dispense the goodness as you like!

Radz Candy Dispenser Review:3

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