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Britney Spears Oops!... I Did It Again CD Review

Britney Spears Oops!... I Did It Again CD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Britney Spears is back with a grown-up sound and a sexier look. Britneys not afraid to go after what she wants with in-your-face songs like Stronger, Dont Go Knockin On My Door and What U See (Is What U Get).

(JIVE) 2000

Gone are the schoolgirl outfits and innocence, Britney Spears is back with a grown-up sound and a sexier look. She's not afraid to go after what she wants and it's never been more clear with in-your-face songs like Stronger, Don't Go Knockin' On My Door and What U See (Is What U Get). The first cosmic single Oops!... Did it Again has a catchy beat similar to ...Baby One More Time.

Britney Spears slows it down a notch on her second single, Lucky, a poppy ballad with a 50's twist. A daring Britney Spears even did a dance version of The Stone's classic (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction. It's much different than the version your mom knows, but it's unique and I kinda liked it. It's slow at first and then it kicks in with a funky beat. Wanting to be more involved in all aspects of her career Britney Spears even co-wrote the ballad Dear Diary. Aside from the tunes you'll also hear fun clips of Brit and her friends messin' around on the answering machine. There's no need to say Oops!... here - Britney Spears HAS done it again.


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