Wii Party U: Wii U Game Review

Wii Party U: Wii U Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 18, 2013
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Wii Party U is available now but is it worth picking up? Find out in Kidzworld's Wii Party U game review!


Wii Party U is available now.Wii Party U is available now.Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo's latest "party" game arrives in the form of Wii Party U for the Wii U and keeps with the genres tradition of offering a mixed bag of activities. The difference this time is that more than a few of them are actually decent enough to hold your interest for a while.

There definitely isn't a shortage of things to try with over 80 challenges spread over all the modes offered. While some of the mini-games may be forgeable, a few of them are really fun including a simple table top soccer game that's played on the WiiU's gamepad.

Never a lack of smiles when playing Wii Party U.Never a lack of smiles when playing Wii Party U.Courtesy of Nintendo

Wii Party U is split into a few different modes right off the bat and the first one, TV Party, is instantly recognizable to fans of games such as Mario Party 9. The mode requiring you to roll is dice and jockey for position on the game board. if you'd rather just jump into a variety of challenges instantly, with the game board aspect removed, you can easily do that by playing in the Mini Games mode.

Twists on old favorites like Charades or Pictionare are offered in the House Party mode. House Party mode is less about competitive play and more about just having a good time with your friends and family, who you'll need to be seeing a lot of...

Brings back memories of American Gladiators.Brings back memories of American Gladiators.Courtesy of Nintendo

To enjoy the more entertaining aspects of Wii party U you'll need 4 players - which are required for many of the activities. That there lies the only disappointing side to this compilation of mini-games and challenges, it will collect dust unless you have a regular family games night. While the game is geared for group fun, it would have been nice if there was a little more fun infused into the few single player activities offered.

Gamepad Party is the final category of mini-games and consists of 2 player games that are played on the Wii U Gamepad including the aforementioned Table-top Soccer game, where you and your opponent hold the gamepad length wise, each taking an analog stick which is used to wind up and take your shots. It's addicting as anything.

Table-top soccer is addicting.Table-top soccer is addicting.Courtesy of Nintendo

Where Wii Party U shines over some of it's competition is in the use of the Wiimote itself - and it should be noted, Wii party U comes with a Wiimote included in the box. Mini games avoid falling into the trap of becoming constant, writs breaking shake-fests and while most of the mini-games can be played completely with a Wiimote, some of the most fun experiences come with intuitive uses of asymmetrical gameplay, much like Nintendo WiiU's Nintendo Land did with "Chase-Mii" mini-game.

Wii Party U Trailer


Overall, Nintendo has delivered another satisfying collection of activities for fans of the genre to dive into. It doesn't break new ground but manages to offer just enough unique and entertaining experiences to warrant a place in your family game collection.

If your a fan of games like Mario Party, put Wii Party U on your Christmas lists alongside the sure to be excellent Super Mario 3D World.

Wii Party U (Nintendo Wii U)
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