Odd Thomas Movie Review

Odd Thomas Movie Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Feb 28, 2014
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Kidzworld reviews “Odd Thomas”, the horror action love story based on a popular Dean Koontz novel starring “Star Trek’s” Chekov, Anton Yelchin.

By: Lynn Barker

Short order cook Odd Thomas lives a seemingly ordinary, small-town life, at least…for him. He works, spends time with this lifetime girlfriend Stormy and sees dead people who need his help to punish their killers, prevent other killings etc. All the signs point to a huge influx of evil. Is Odd ready?

Odd and Stormy prepare for troubleOdd and Stormy prepare for trouble

Call to Danger

Young Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) lives in small-town Pico Mundo, California. It’s an ordinary day. The ghost of Penny Kallisto leads him to her rapist/killer Harlo and Odd chases him and decks him. The police are called and Odd’s buddy, Chief Porter (Willem Dafoe) takes over. He’s aware of Odd’s “gifts” and works, within the law, to keep his secret

Ghost Penny with OddGhost Penny with Odd

Odd (his parents meant to name him Todd, but the “T” got left off the birth certificate), sees a group of faceless people wearing bowling shirts who beg him to save them. Was it a dream? He tells his lifelong girlfriend Stormy Llewellen (Addison Timlin) about the premonition and, knowing about his “gift”, she worries about him.

Good cop Porter (Willem Dafoe)Good cop Porter (Willem Dafoe)

Here Come the Bodachs

While cooking at the local diner, several demon-like Bodachs, creepy beings who live on evil energy, appear. Only Odd can see them. If they know he can, they’ll kill him. He realizes their presence in big numbers means lots of evil is headed to town. They buzz around one weird guy named Robinson and Odd’s waitress pal Vi has a dream that she is among the dead on a huge scale. The group in matching bowling shirts are dead in her dream as well.  

Odd cooking in the dinerOdd cooking in the diner

Evil Central

Following Robinson to his remote house, Odd discovers a portal to the Bodachs’ underworld where they can enter our world in masses. He escapes and tells pal, police Chief Porter about it. At a party, Odd meets new police officer Verne Eckles and his girlfriend Lisette. Later, Odd and Stormy picnic in a church tower where Robinson chases them and trashes the church. Porter investigates but can find zero fingerprints to nail Robinson.

Stormy and Odd hear noises in the churchStormy and Odd hear noises in the church

Scene of a Massacre?

Still trying to find out where people in bowling shirts will be killed, Odd finds a bowling alley but it doesn’t somehow seem the right place for the massacre. Odd meets another newish cop, Simon, who seems fishy. Odd sees the awful Bodachs all around Vi’s two children. Lisette is kidnapped and mauled and killed by dogs when she is running from Robinson’s weird place but cop Simon says he checked and nothing weird was going on there.

Stormy and Odd at the bowling alleyStormy and Odd at the bowling alley

The Set Up

Odd goes home and finds Robinson dead in his tub. He’s being framed. He moves the body to an abandoned prison noticing the letters POD carved on his chest. Odd realizes that Robinson has actually been dead quite a while. He’s been a ghost haunting Odd all this time! Researching on a computer at Robinson’s place, Odd finds info on a devil cult he belonged to. He remembers cop Simon’s tattoo P O D, Prince of Darkness.

Odd noses around Robinson's placeOdd noses around Robinson's place

The Showdown

At the local mall, Odd sees the entire bowling alley staff having lunch. Stormy is there as are Vi and her kids. This is the massacre location! Will Odd save everyone and stop the bad cops and Bodachs from killing and soul sucking his friends and loved ones?

Facing Bodachs at the mallFacing Bodachs at the mall

Wrapping Up

Odd Thomas provides quirky, spooky fun with some scares, action and a sweet romance at the center.  Anton Yelchin is excellent as the reluctant hero totally dedicated to his girlfriend and righting wrongs. Odd is a cute, goofy charmer.

Odd ready to bat a bad guyOdd ready to bat a bad guy

For a low budget film, the effects are quite good and although the identity of the bad guys is predictable, there are some twists and turns in the story that are fun and great for your romantic soul. Also be ready for witty dialogue and comic moments.

Creepy Robinson confronts OddCreepy Robinson confronts Odd

Even if you didn’t read the novel, you can get into the movie and root for the good guys to save their town and defeat evil, both human and supernatural. The film is very much set up for a sequel or would make a fun TV series. Odd Thomas isn’t perfect but has something for everyone (rated PG-13 so maybe too scary in spots for younger kids). We go 4 stars.

Odd Thomas Movie Rating: 4

Odd Thomas PosterOdd Thomas Poster

See Odd Thomas on demand now and in selected theaters February 28th!



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