Shoes On Trend with Styles for Mom and Dad

It's not often that shoe soles are the driving force behind the trend. This spring kids can kick their feet up and show off neon and pastel hues. Check out the latest shoe trends on Kidzworld. Back to Article

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-Yeah- wrote:
2014-07-17 20:23:52 -0700

I like peanuts

MsAwesome wrote:
2014-06-27 07:50:07 -0700

They aren't the latest fashion in SA!No offence!

Skipley wrote:
2014-05-18 09:37:25 -0700

I like 3 and 4....

Nimsajeay wrote:
2014-05-18 09:19:45 -0700

Omgosh most of those shoes are hideous. It's sad that KW stereotypes parents to like certain thing.

CuteMoo2 wrote:
2014-04-19 11:47:23 -0700

O.O ew. those boots. Never Liked Them -.-

kittycatty321 wrote:
2014-04-14 21:29:25 -0700

personally non of these r FASHtION

RuRuChan wrote:
2014-04-12 00:20:38 -0700

i love the "like mum" shoes! My fave shoes are
green volley sneakers!

Gracie125 wrote:
2014-04-09 12:28:12 -0700

sh ow ch row

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  • Always looking like I stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine.
  • Being different - who cares if people sometimes stare?
  • Updating old pieces to make them cutting-edge cool.
  • Looking and feeling comfortable.

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rebelfeminist posted in Style:
I would suggest just asking. The worst she can do is say no.
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Hey love , I do the exact same thing as you , you aren't alone... if you ever need anyone , I am here , okay? 
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