Simon Swipe Review

Simon Swipe Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Aug 19, 2014
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Hasbro Toys brings back a classic game with a twist. Simon Swipe will have you hooked after the first play. Read Kidzworld's Simon Swipe review, right here!

Blast From The Past

Simon, the popular memorization game from the 80's and 90's has been brought back by Hasbro, and successfully re-imagined as Simon Swipe.

With the original Simon, four colors would flash in random orders. Players would then have to memorize those patterns and repeat them by pressing the corresponding buttons. Simon Swipe takes that formula and adds a swiping motion, which should be familiar to anyone who has ever used a touch phone or iPad like device.

Simon Swipe is fun, challenging and addictive.Simon Swipe is fun, challenging and addictive.Courtesy of Hasbro

Simon Swipe has 4 different game modes to try out. Levels, Extreme, Classic and Party.

Levels is a single player mode with 16 stages that increase in difficulty with each successful completion. Extreme mode mixes taps and swipes with patterns that continue to get longer and longer. Classic mode is just like the original game from the 80's. No swiping involved, just simple tapping. Finally, there is Party mode, where you and your friends take turns passing Simon Swipe around, attempting to mimic the light and sound patterns one at a time.

While each of the modes are just slight variations on the same game, it allows you to pick a style that suits you. I really enjoyed playing Levels the most. The best part about this mode is that it remembers where you left off. So if you make it to level 6 but have to put it away for a bit, when you return you can start right back at level 6 and not have to re-do everything.

Rewarding Challenges

Simon Swipe is a perfect game for road trips, recess or family game nights and while it may seem like something you just pick up and play for short bursts, don't be surprised if you have a hard time putting it down. Once you get going, it's hard to stop. Simon Swipe's more difficult patterns will taunt you in the best way. Constantly challenging you to do better next time. When you finally repeat a difficult pattern, the accompanying explosion of lights and sounds emitted from Simon Swipe is strangely rewarding.

The swiping action works very well and feels like a natural extension of the classic game. Not once did I run into any situations where my taps or swipes weren't recognized. In general, Simon Swipe feels sturdy and well made. The sound is also able to be adjusted with a press of a button, so if you happen to want to play Simon Swipe quietly, you can turn the sound effects right down if you wish for some stealthy play.

Final Thoughts

It's nice to see companies like Hasbro continue to innovate and bring new ideas to classic games and in Simon Swipe, they have a winner. Simon Swipe is fun, challenging and can also be a great social experience. Fantastic for kids and adults alike, Simon Swipe, is worth a play.

Simon Swipe launches this August for $19.99. Purchase your own Simon Swipe Game today!

Simon Swipe Review: 4

Do you find the new Simon Swipe game easier to use? What do you love about the Simon Swipe game? Comment in the forums and let us know!

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