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Best Eye Shadow Color for your Eyes

Eye shadow has been around for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians were really onto something when they realized that a face can look more feminine when the area around the eye is darkened. And now you’ve learned some science and history while reading an article about makeup!

The right color shadow can really set off your eye colorThe right color shadow can really set off your eye colorCourtesy of Color Me Beautiful

As makeup trends have evolved over the millennia (the thousands of years mentioned above), trends have come and gone, and some patterns have developed. Read on to find out how your eyes can look their best – and most feminine – with the right pop of color on your eyelids.


Blue is a naturally cool color, so warmer shadows can really set off blue eyes.

Gray shadow makes blue eyes sparkle!Gray shadow makes blue eyes sparkle!Courtesy of World of Glamour
  • Best Colors: gray-brown, slate, silvery blue, gold, bronze, copper, champagne, yellow-beige, peach.

Psst!: When you have light eyes, too much color can be distracting, so less is more!


If you have brown eyes, you’re in luck. Since brown is a neutral color, it won’t compete or contrast with most shades.

Smoky colors make brown eyes stand outSmoky colors make brown eyes stand outCourtesy of Riimini
  • Best Colors: Royal colors like purple and blue, metallic bronze, smoky gray-brown, navy, green.


The best complement to green eyes is purple. But if you’re not a fan of any of the purple hues (violet, royal purple or deep plum), try a touch of rusty brown or dark brick, which is basically brown with red undertones.

Purple shadow gives green eyes a gorgeous glowPurple shadow gives green eyes a gorgeous glowCourtesy of All Women's Talk
  • Best Colors: Sepia, rust, purple, pink, violet, plum.


Hazel eyes are made up of a combination of colors. Your eye shadow color can bring out the flecks you want to emphasize. Purple picks up green. Browns and grays pick up gold.

Dark brown close to the lid with a sparkle of pearl at the edges helps hazel eyes shineDark brown close to the lid with a sparkle of pearl at the edges helps hazel eyes shineCourtesy of Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes
  • Best Colors: Gray, dusty pink, burgundy, deep purple, yellow-brown, khaki.
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What color combinations have you tried? What works best for your eye color? Comment below!



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