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Science Project: Make Your Own Moon Sand

Nov 09, 2015

Making your own moon sand is an easy and fun science project. Basically, moon sand is the name for a type of substance that looks like sand, but can actually be molded into solid forms. It only requires a few ingredients, all of which you can probably find in your own kitchen. 


There are a few different ways to make moon sand. You can make it using sand and corn starch, corn starch and vegetable oil, but we like using flour and baby oil, because it's a bit lighter and softer than real sand. You could almost believe it comes from the moon! Here's what you'll need to make it:

  • 9 cups of flour
  • 1 1/4 of baby oil

Moon sand is really fun to squish - try it, you'll see!Moon sand is really fun to squish - try it, you'll see!

Step 1

  • You can put all the flour in one big bowl, or you can split it up into a few different bowls if you want to add different colors, scents, or other additives. 
  • You can keep the flour white, or you can add some fun things to make the moon sand a little more fun. Before you add baby oil to the flour, think about adding a tablespoon or two of paint powder, food coloring, or glitter
  • Some ideas for additives: use blue and red food coloring to make a purple mix for the flour. Then add silver glitter. Your moon sand will really look like it comes from space!

Add glitter to make your moon sand even more fun!Add glitter to make your moon sand even more fun!Courtesy of rubypluslottie.co.uk

Step 2

  • Once your flour and coloring or glitter is all mixed up, it's time to add the baby oil. It's easiest if you mix the flour and baby oil with your hands, though you'll get a little messy. 
  • Now is also a good time to add any scents you might want. You can use essential oils like vanilla or peppermint to give your moon sand a nice smell. You only need to add a couple of drops of essential oil - any more than that and your moon sand might not turn out. 
  • Remember, even though it'll look good and smell good, you don't want to eat it! It won't kill you, but it might make you feel sick.

This stuff is so cool!This stuff is so cool!Courtesy of cbc.ca

Step 3

  • Now it's time to play! You can mold your moon sand into all kinds of shapes, or just let the feel of it calm and relax you. 
  • Share your moon sand with your friends and family! Do you have younger siblings? They would love the chance to play with your creation!
  • Take your moon sand to school! Your teachers will love to see that you've been experimenting at home. 

You can make all kinds of things with moon sand!You can make all kinds of things with moon sand!Courtesy of aaastateofplay.com

There you have it - now you know how to make some awesome moon sand. You even know how to customize your moon sand to your tastes by using colors, scents, and glitter. Now go have fun! 

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