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How to Make a Holiday Wreath

Dec 09, 2015

Making and displaying a Christmas wreath is a beautiful way to show your holiday spirit. The great thing about a wreath is that it's easy to personalize; you can make a green wreath, a black wreath, a twig wreath, as well as add all of your own decorations. Today we're going to learn how to make a traditional wreath! 

If you like, you could even make a wreath out of feathers!If you like, you could even make a wreath out of feathers!Courtesy of zofiadesign.com

What is a Wreath? 

  • A wreath is a circular arrangement, usually made out of natural materials like twigs, evergreen branches, or flowers. 
  • The ring shape of the wreath is meant to symbolize the never-ending cycle of life. 
  • Wreaths are often composed of evergreen tree branches, which represents growth and hope. 
  • Wreaths are traditionally displayed on your front door, showing how that you are celebrating the season and ready to welcome family and friends. 

A traditional holiday wreath sometimes includes a bow. A traditional holiday wreath sometimes includes a bow. Courtesy of homedit.com


  • You'll need a wire frame as the base of your wreath. You can buy wire in the shape of a circle at most craft stores. You will need extra in order to secure the branches. 
  • Craft glue will help keep your decorations in place, and you can need wire cutters to shape your wire. 
  • You might want to wear gloves to keep your hands safe and clean. 
  • You'll need your decorative materials. For this wreath we recommend evergreen boughs, like fir, as well as some holly berry clippings (you can get either real or fake). 

You can even buy wire frames that include extra wire that you can use to attach your branches.  You can even buy wire frames that include extra wire that you can use to attach your branches. Courtesy of worcesterwreath.com


  1. Clip fir branches in sizes that will fit your frame - they could be either small or large. 
  2. Wearing your gloves, wrap wire around the base of the branch, leaving enough left to attach to your wire frame. Twist wire ends around frame to secure. Repeat until frame is full. 
  3. Once your boughs are all attached, you can use the craft glue to affix your holly clippings. If you have large clippings, you can also use wire just like you did with the fir branches. 
  4. All done? You're ready to hang your wreath on your locker, your bedroom door, or the front door of your house! 

Holly berries are beautiful, but don't eat them! They can be poisonous. Holly berries are beautiful, but don't eat them! They can be poisonous. Courtesy of The Guardian

Wreaths are really a lovely way to celebrate the season, but keep in mind that you'll probably need some help to complete this craft, as well as adult supervision. Wire and wire cutters can potentially be dangerous to work with, and it never hurts to have an extra pair of hands when you're making something for the first time. Have fun!

Have Your Say!

What kinds of decorations would you put on your wreath? Let us know in the comments section! 



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