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DIY Thank You Notes

DIY Thank You Notes

Jan 08, 2013 January is National Thank You Month! Yep, probably because we spent December getting treats and presents and attending parties and dinners, we need more

How to Make a Beaded Stretch Bracelet

How to Make a Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Mar 20, 2013 Beaded stretch bracelets are simple way to make unique friendship bracelets in no time. They're so easy anyone can make them. Kidzworld will tell you more

DIY Teacup Candle

DIY Teacup Candle

Dec 31, 2012 Candles are always cozy and warm. Tea is also cozy and warm. Combine teacups and candles and you have the ultimate in cozy and warm. This simple and more

DIY Jean Pocket Tool Belt

DIY Jean Pocket Tool Belt

Feb 12, 2013 Where did the scissors go? Where is my pencil hiding? Tools go missing lots. It’s what they do. Tool belts are perfect to keep things organized and more

How to Write a Story

How to Write a Story

Nov 07, 2012 November is Novel Writing Month where thousands of people write millions of words. It’s a time when you can put your head down and complete a very more

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alleybear posted in Say Anything:
it really sucks a ton, my depression also makes me have mood swings that come and go. im really hoping that it will all go away and i can be happy again. like i said in my bio im here for anyone if they need anything because i have stared depression in the face so many times. well uh guys i guess thats it so, love ya 
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alleybear posted in Say Anything:
thanks everyone!!!!!! i missed you all! how has everyone been?
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blackpearrl posted in General:
beeep beeeeeeep
reply 40 minutes
Tell me your favorite planet ! Whether it's a planet in Our Solar System, or in our neighborhood solar system, or even a planet in a solar system in the furthest galaxy from our milky way galaxy!! and tell why the planet's your fave :3 My favorite planet is Uranus (it was Pluto but.... sighs...) because it's soooo blue and I love how it's tilted on its side :3 
reply about 1 hour

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