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DIY Jean Pocket Tool Belt

DIY Jean Pocket Tool Belt

Feb 12, 2013 Where did the scissors go? Where is my pencil hiding? Tools go missing lots. It’s what they do. Tool belts are perfect to keep things organized and more

Art Inspired by September 11

Art Inspired by September 11

Many people are outraged about Eric Fischl's controversial sculpture Tumbling Woman. The piece of art depicts a naked woman falling and is supposed more

DIY Teacup Candle

DIY Teacup Candle

Dec 31, 2012 Candles are always cozy and warm. Tea is also cozy and warm. Combine teacups and candles and you have the ultimate in cozy and warm. This simple and more

Make Your Own Perfume

Make Your Own Perfume

Jan 22, 2013 Do you find that all the fragrances at the store just don’t smell right? They’re too sweet or too musty or just not right for you. Well, you don’t more

How to Make a Hula-Hoop

How to Make a Hula-Hoop

Hula-hoops have certainly stood the test of time though you may not want to use an ancient Greek hula-hoop seeing as it might crumble on you. Instead, more

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What if your achievement involved zombies?
reply 24 minutes
Ha ha! That's a good one :)
reply 25 minutes
That's nice, I like that. Thanks for sharing.
reply 28 minutes
I was like that when I was 13. I read a lot of Jacqueline Wilson and Cathy Cassidy, and I was going my way through The Series Of Unfortunate Events. Teen Fiction kind of grew on me when my friend suggested a teen fiction series, and I found I quite enjoyed it. Especially as I got older and themes that appear in teen fiction became more relevant to me and my experiences, I found I enjoyed it more. I think all that matters is that you try read a wide variety of genres. Go outside of your reading comfort zone every once and a while, and you might find something you like. Reading is kind of useful to help you see things in a different way, but if you're reading the same kind of books all the time you're not really getting anything new out of it.
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