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Hot Colors for Spring

Feb 29, 2016

Even if you're not into following trends, this spring's hottest fashions can offer you a lot of options to express yourself using color. Whether you're a guy or a girl, this year's fashion colors range from light to bright to dark, and there's really something for everyone. 


  • Peach is a great color for a lot of reasons. It falls into the orange family, but because it is bright but not super intense it's still easy to wear and suits a lot of skin tones. 
  • When you wear the color peach, you're sending a warm, friendly, playful message. You're letting people know that you're accessible and open to making new friends! 
  • If you're into it, peach is a great color for a spring or summer dress, or for a t-shirt or muscle shirt to wear with jeans or shorts. 
  • Peach goes well with black, or can look really nice with other pastels, like mint green. 

Taylor Swift knows what's up - she's been rocking peach for a while now. Taylor Swift knows what's up - she's been rocking peach for a while now. Courtesy of The Daily Mail


  • There are a couple of shades of blue that are popular this spring season. In particular, a light purple-greyish blue is very cool, as well as a darker, nearly navy blue. 
  • Both of these blues are striking colors, but are also exceptional in that they evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation. Blue is also a lot of fun because it brings the ocean in to mind, which can make you think of spring and summer vacations!
  • A light blue and a nearly navy blue can be a flattering part of almost any outfit. It's a great color for a t-shirt, a dress, a pair of pants, or even an accent piece like a scarf, purse, backpack, or sock! 
  • Both of these colors mix really well with peach, yellow, and even a light brown. 

This darker but still vibrant blue is super flattering on British royal Kate Middleton. This darker but still vibrant blue is super flattering on British royal Kate Middleton. Courtesy of fashionstyle.com


  • If you're looking to rock a really bright color this spring season, green might be the choice for you! This year, the trendiest green is super bold and extra bright. 
  • This color is very exciting and expresses the openness of the wearer; if you sport this color, others are likely to unconsciously get a sense of how open-minded and unique you are. 
  • Bright green is also particularly appropriate right now as taking care of our environment has become such a priority in so many people's lives. Wearing a bold green can echo a love and respect for our natural world. 
  • Looking for something to match with your favorite green? Either a light blue or a slightly darker but still vibrant blue can go really nicely. 

Solange Knowles looks great in bright green!Solange Knowles looks great in bright green!Courtesy of Getty Images

Don't worry if none of these colors tickle your fancy - consider these a kind of inspiration for adding a fresh feeling to your current wardrobe. Maybe peach isn't your thing, and you prefer a coral pink; well, go for it! This season is all about having some fun with your clothes. 

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