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Big Farm Chinese New Year

Jan 25, 2017

Big Farm is celebrating Chinese New Year.

It is the year of the rooster and to celebrate, there will be an awesome modular decoration to win. Players have to collect lots of different animal collectibles to unlock certain parts of the decoration. But it wouldn’t be a celebration without fireworks, so our fancy fireworks will also be returning this year. Under the light of the fireworks, it’ll be much easier to see all the animal collectibles lying around the players’ farms.

Come and join the party!

Click the image to play Big Farm!

play Big Farm


Have Your Say!

What do you think of the Big Farm Chinese New Year Celebration? Did you play? Share your thoughts below!



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What Is the Chinese Year Based On?

  • The sun.
  • The cycles of the moon.
  • The seasons.
  • The weather.

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