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10 Ways Meditation Can Help You Deal With Your Friends and Family

1. PATIENCE – Practicing meditation is a great way to learn patience!  When you force yourself to sit still for a few minutes every day, while focusing on your breath and simply observing the thoughts in your mind without judgment, you will be able to tolerate waiting for your slow friends or siblings without getting stressed out.  In fact, you can meditate any time you are waiting for someone or something!

2. JUDGMENT – In meditation we train ourselves to simply observe our thoughts without judging them as good or bad.  They are just thoughts.  Actions on the other hand can have positive or negative impacts on our lives.  By learning mindfulness we give ourselves that split second where we observe what we are thinking before deciding what action we are going to take, this is called good judgment!  When we see our friends doing things that are going to hurt them or others we can be compassionate for them, because maybe they don’t know how to be mindful and are just acting on their thoughts without seeing what the consequences are going to be. 

3. ACCEPTANCE – In meditation we learn to see our thoughts without judgment.  We simply accept ourselves as we are with all our wishes fears dreams strengths and weaknesses.  We understand that we are simply doing our best in every moment.  Practicing mindfulness gives us a tool to help us see what our best action is in any moment.  We can be accepting of people like our friends, family, teachers and coaches who may not have this skill. 

4. SELF AWARENESS – Being self aware simply means being aware of what you are thinking, how you are feeling and paying attention to what you are actually doing.  When we practice Mindfulness we learn to pay attention to what we are thinking, and how those thoughts make us feel.  As we go through our days after our morning meditation we will start to notice how people places and things make us feel.  Does one friend always bring you down?  Does eating junk food at lunch make you too tired to go to your team practice after school?  By becoming self aware we can learn to make decisions that will help us get to our goals and avoid situations that are taking us away from where we want to be. 

5. PEER PRESSURE – Our friends can be a source of guidance help and inspiration, or sometimes not.  By becoming self aware we can begin to pay attention to how we feel, our feelings are a pretty good indicator of what we should or should not be doing.  If a friend suggests that you do something and you feel your stomach getting upset at the thought of it, that is a good indicator that you are being pressured to do something stupid.  We are often afraid that if we don’t conform we will lose our friends and that is very scary, but we all have different people in our life.  Learn to be mindful of how you feel around certain people and choose to spend time with the ones who want to do cool stuff, stuff you would be proud to tell your Grandmother you did. 

6. APPROVAL SEEKING – this is the other side of peer pressure, doing things to get attention, to get likes on a post or shares of an instagram.  Now, this is important, doing things that are good for others out of the kindness of your heart is the goal, sometimes that can get confused with other motivations.  By learning to be mindful we can start to notice when we are doing things just to get attention versus when we are being genuine honest loving in our actions.

7. PLEASURE SEEKING – Have you ever had a bad day at school or got in an argument with your mom and just wanted to run to your room and eat a whole tub of  ice cream?  This is typical pleasure seeking behavior.  Often times, we don’t want to feel our feelings when the feeling is ‘bad’.  As we learn and practice mindfulness through our daily seated meditation practice first we learn to just observe and accept our thoughts, then we can begin to observe and accept our feelings as well, as they are often linked.  When we learn to accept our thoughts and feelings we wont be as tempted to do things that we later regret just to make the pain go away. 

8. PAIN AVOIDANCE – Have you ever made a big mistake that you were sure you would get in trouble for?  Then hid the evidence, blamed someone else or somehow not taken responsibility because you were afraid you would get in trouble, this behavior is called pain avoidance.  It makes sense at first glance but as we have seen, when we meditate we build a safe place inside us where our thoughts and feelings don’t have a powerful a hold on us.  So you can admit what you did wrong and then simply observe how the authority figure is reacting and you can simply accept what is going on without judgment.  Yes you may still get in trouble but you will be in WAY LESS trouble if you admit your faults than if you hide them and get caught later. 

9. RESPONSIBILITY – As we learn and practice Mindfulness through our daily seated practice we realize that our thoughts come and go and we don’t have much control over them, but when we insert that layer of mindfulness into our lives we realize that we do have control over our actions.  Thoughts come in and we can choose to dwell on them or let them go and consciously think about something else that makes us feel good, and just like that we can do the same with our actions.  When we make this HUGE realization we no longer can blame our friends or our parents for stuff that we clearly chose to do.  This is very empowering because it shows us that anything we want in life we have to work towards, this makes us very powerful because we will start to choose our actions more carefully rather than just blaming everything that goes wrong on someone else. 

10. COMPASSION – As you can see, the practice of Mindfulness Meditation can totally change our lives for the better.  As you grow and change you will likely start to notice that you have less and less in common with some friends and you might want to start to find some new friends who also practice meditation!  Think of the quality of life you can have when you are all taking responsibility for your own actions and outcomes!  Now the flip side of that is having compassion for people who don’t have this skill.  When you see someone freaking out, sad, crying, sick or suffering you can understand that they probably have no idea how to separate themselves from their thoughts.  You can think back to how that used to make you feel. You have developed an amazing skill that helps you literally create the life you want to live, without it, life can be very challenging.  So as you go through your day, look around you and be choose to be grateful for what you have and have some compassion for people around you who clearly do not have this gift in their lives. 

Maybe you will even want to teach others how to meditate?

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How Do You Deal With Stress?

  • Play sports or get some exercise.
  • Talk to a friend.
  • Play video games.
  • Beat up my brother or sister.

Dear Dish-It In The Forums

I can relate very much.  :e  It happens a lot. But here's one thing, try not to date. At my middle school, everyone literally dates everybody and relationships never last. Part of the reason is that most of us aren't in that mature phase yet (mostly boys). As the days go by, we're growing. But, it's completely normal to have a crush on a boy. :) :thumbsup
reply 18 minutes
Sorry for the late reply, but I'd love to help. If they don't want to talk to you, or don't like your jokes, don't talk to them. They probably don't like you, so you shouldn't try to make it better. You should hang out with your other friends. They'll make you feel better about yourself. If you don't have any friends in your class...that's the problem.  That's exactly what happened to me last year. But I started hanging out with the guys more, and they were really nice and had a lot in common with me. Maybe the guys will be nice to you and accept you. I hope I helped you. :)   
reply about 7 hours
Aw, that's sad. I know this is a late review, but I would love to help you make new friends. There are kids that do nasty things at every single school, trust me, you'll never find a perfect school, and if people are reporting this form of bullying, teachers are probably supervising children more, so don't worry about that. :) Now making new friends, ahh, that's very difficult. I can be shy myself, but it honestly depends. What I usually do is observe different groups of people, and see how they interact with each other. If the person seems nice, wait until the time is appropriate and greet them. A friendly "Hi, I'm new, could you maybe show me around, or help me with this, or tell me about this school?" That will start off a conversation. :)  As well, I tend to make jokes, or go to my funny side. I usually make way more friends that way. You could try to make slight jokes, and gradually make them less implied and more clear as you joke around.  If there are any other new kids, or shy kids, definitely talk to them. If there are any kids that look lonely, or sad, maybe take some time to approach them. If they look like the want to be left alone, leave them alone. If you're not sure, it's best if you see someone else interact with them first.  If you're bisexual, that doesn't really matter, and don't bring that fact up in a conversation. That's kind of personal, and when you get a little closer, you can say that. It's not really important, and necessary for people to know that. And it's personal too. So don't bring that up unless you really want to.  I hope i helped you! Sorry for the late advice. >_< 
reply about 7 hours
Several people are having the same problem as you. Whether they're the same gender or not, many people crush on some of their closest friends. So don't feel alone, remember that. I know this is some late advice, but I hope so far things are going good. Many people are feeling the urge of confessing like you. Yes, I think you should confess to her clearly, but when the time is right. She may not like you, but if you really really like her, you should absolutely confess to her. But be aware that confessing to one of your friends can ruin your friendship. You have to be cautious, confess when the time is right. 5 months may be long for you, but honestly, that's a short-term crush. Don't rush your confession, and don't give up unless you think you should. Getting over someone can be incredibly hard too, but you're either going to get over her, or confess to her. When the time is right, confess. When the time never seems to come, I'm sorry, but unfortunately, I think it's best if you get over her, because you have to be 100% sure before you confess to someone. You're risking your friendship to, so think if it's really worth it.  I hope I helped you. :) 
reply about 7 hours
vwala_12 posted in Friends:
I guess I mean I have been in a lot of drama since the school year started I also recommend if the bullying gets worst tell someone and don’t just walk away it will be worst if you do and if there gonna beat you up just run and tell a teacher or tell your parent so always keep alert!
reply about 8 hours