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What is Wise Mind?

May 18, 2017

We might not be aware of this, but we have many different mindsets that we can function in. Some people act from a place of pure reason, while others respond by expressing their emotions. Picking either of these mindsets doesn’t prepare us for the larger picture. If we don’t feel, things can become lifeless, and to hold onto logic and rational thought alone, won't always the best course of action. It’s important to feel. On the contrary, emotions can be intense and can make us feel out of control. Our emotional state doesn’t always line up with our intentions, and this is not a god thing. Therefore, to live your life most effectively, it is beneficial to learn how to combine ration and logic with emotion. This place of integration is often referred to as “wise mind.”

When You Use Wise Mind You Don't Have As Much Regret.When You Use Wise Mind You Don't Have As Much Regret.

What exactly is “Wise Mind?”

Wise mind is good for your soul and spirit like meditating. Wise mind is where logic meets emotion, but it is also the place where you will discover what is the best outcome for you. Wise mind helps you find the best solution. A very wise professional once told me, “wise mind presses send.” This means that you took the time to think through your message before sending it. Ensuring that it is what you want to say and that you are saying it effectively. This also will set-up the likelihood for a reaction that you can handle. A part of wise mind is knowing how the other party will take your message. Wise mind presses send and this symbolizes how wise mind helps you come to a decision that is the best for you, but also for the people around you.

One way of looking at it is asking yourself, “who do I want to be at the end of the day?”Wise mind will help you stay true to your intentions and prevent you from getting yourself into more trouble with a situation. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is nothing at all, as silence does speak loudly, and sometimes getting no message is also a message. It’s not to say that wise mind is the only frame of mind that helps us make decisions, but just that it is a useful one.

Wise Mind is Like Wise Mind is Like "The Middle Path", It Will Help You Find Your Way.

Here are some alternative mindsets:

Rational Mind

If you are using your reasonable, rational mind, you are looking at life rationally. You are being mindful and paying attention to facts and observing what is around you. Sometimes the reasonable/rational mind can feel like you are watching a situation, but are detached from it. Reasonable mind notices the facts and plans behavior through observable insight.

Sometimes Wise Mind is An Inner Voice Within. Sometimes Wise Mind is An Inner Voice Within.

Emotion Mind

Experiencing emotional mind will taint your ability to think logically. Even if you notice what’s going on, and notice the facts, you may discover yourself to be interpreting them, or even fabricating them because of your emotional state. When you are using your emotion mind it is hard to stay objective. You might take part in activities that are only propelled by your subjective perceptions and intense emotional position.

You can think of wise mind as a bridge between rational and emotional mind, but at times, you will need to consult both the emotional and rational parts of your brain. Wise mind is like a feeling of intuitive knowing, where you make the right move in a situation because you thought in through. When you are using your wise mind, you are confident, you are grasping the meaning of things, finding the significance of situations and getting to the truth of the matter.

What Does Wise Mind Look Like?

People express and experience wise mind in various ways. For example, some people go outside of themselves and pretend to be a friend in their situation, giving advice that you would give to other people because you’d want to give your best advice to others, wouldn't you? The wise mind can be within you like a small voice that knows the best way to proceed. It’s that gut feeling, which goes away the moment you trust it. At times, that voice pops up too late, after we have done or said something we regret, but tapping into wise mind, at any time is always wise. This gives you the wisdom and insight to correct your mistake, and re-live the moment in wise mind. There will be times that you won’t want to listen to wise mind, but it’s a hard thing to ignore. There will also be time when people are receptive to your wise mind approach, all you can do is try.

How Does “Wise Mind” Help Me?

When you are in wise mind you are making effective actions and taking part in things that bring you enjoyment. Listening to wise mind is part of leading and living a life full of contentment, meaning, and purpose. Have you ever experienced that moment where you regret how you handled a situation? Well, wise mind keeps you from “shoulding” with yourself—obsessing about the things you should have said or wished you had done. It allows you to take that moment of reflection before you act on any emotional impulses. When you use wise mind, you find effective solutions to solve, help and improve your problems.

Sometimes Wise Mind is An Inner Voice Within. Sometimes Wise Mind is An Inner Voice Within.

Often we are aware that saying or doing something is not in our best interest, yet we still do it. Everyone makes mistakes, but if we can prevent our own regret, we may as well try. It is important to take a moment to pause and acknowledge our regrets. As you do this, breath, try to be cautious of your breathing, and ask yourself, “is this a wise mind thought or solution?” Listen to your wise self for the answer, but don’t tell it to yourself, let yourself take this pause, this moment and allow the solution to arise naturally.

Have Your Say 

Does wise mind sound like something you would use? Was there a time when you wished that you used wise mind?


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