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How to Eventually Reach 1000 Followers on Instagram

Jun 08, 2017

Besides paying for followers, downloading apps or reaching out to the “follow for follow” community, there are ways to increase your following organically. Instagram is actually a lot like a video game, the more you play it, the more people you are going to engage with and the more people are going to be liking your photos and starting to follow you.

There are certain tactics, which will get you set up, but firstly you need to make sure your profile is open (not private) and inviting to the naked eye. Choose a good photo that showcases you very well or a picture that says something about who you are or what you want your account to be known for. Write information in your bio description, and use emojis and hashtags where appropriate. Fill the bio link with a URL of your own web material like your blog or your Facebook account. Or pick a web page that you admire. Make sure your profile has sufficient content before trying to get followers. Establish your profile aesthetics, pick a good profile picture and write a catchy bio.

You Can Organically Grow Your Instagram to 1000 Followers.You Can Organically Grow Your Instagram to 1000 Followers.

Here are some are tips to consider once your profile looks friendly and you’re ready to start following people:

  1. Follow people, don’t wait for them to reach out, if you know them and expect a follow back, give that person a follow.
  2. Also follow businesses, platforms and important networks that you like, for example, if you are a fan of a certain artist, or celebrity give them a follow
  3. Follow big brands to establish your credibility and profile. A lot of people are “follow for follow”, so they will follow back just don't follow a bunch of people for followers and then unfollow them instantly. Find anyone you know, colleagues, co-workers and partnerships and follow them.
  4. Follow people and engage with their content. Like it and comment on it to gain fan base and exposure. People are likely to pick up on your support, appreciate it and return it.  

You want to be active on Instagram, and the more active you are, the more exposure you get, and the more likely you are to show up in suggested photos. There are many ways that you can be active:

  1. Like a lot of photos. Like the photos in your feed and the “suggested” photos provided by Instagram. Comment on those photos. Create a system where you are liking the pictures of the people liking yours. This will help to instill loyalty and lock down likes, and even add follows
  2. Find an account you like and like a bunch of their photos that appeal to you, and see if they start to follow you or like back
  3. Post quality, well-hashtagged content and photos (on the regular), which will naturally bring in the likes and follow.
  5. Refrain from using hashtags like #dog, #me, #park, instead hashtag something specific to your dog, you can even make up a new one of your own creation or use a popular dog hashtag that will populate through search engines while you type the word "dog". 

Hashtags Can Tell a Story. Hashtags Can Tell a Story.

Remember, it’s a video game so you have to be consistent. Your presence is vital towards your success. If you plan to get 1000 followers, you need to be posting, and not just once on the weekends. You need to post at least one Instagram a day, feel free to post more. No one likes an over-poster, so be mindful of setting a time gap between posts. Regardless, what you post, how often you post and how you post it will make a difference.

People are prone to treating Instagram like a juicy tabloid, they look and like all of the pictures, but they aren’t reading any of the articles. This may be true, but Instagram is more and more becoming a content marketing space. People are sharing longer, and more valuable content, so ensure that your captions are on point. Keep in mind that you don’t really know what you are liking until you read the content. A picture can say a thousand words, but it doesn’t show them, and we need content to be informed. Make an effort that you have something witty, funny, meaningful, kind or insightful to say.

Instagram is a Lot Like a Video Game.Instagram is a Lot Like a Video Game.

Also, try to mix up your posts. If there is a theme to your account then keep with it, but if your Instagram is more like your scrapbook then share the unique sides of your life. Try to take beautiful photos for people to admire, which creates instant likes. Don’t treat Instagram like a mirror that talks back to you. Everyone takes selfies, but unless you are trying to be an “Instagram Model”, I wouldn’t suggest posting photos of only you. Unless you’re working your fashion, selling your fitness or hustling as a Makeup Artist, most people find too many selfies to be annoying. Keep your audience interested, and post things that you feel will be well received.

People can say that hashtags aren’t cool, but that’s how your photos get discovered when your account privacy is open. Using the right hashtags can actually help you find your audience, and put your photo in the right place for the right people to find it. You have no idea how many people search profiles and hashtags for images on the daily. Hashtags are like leaving a bread trail back to you, so use them, but don’t overuse them.

Take a look at your own metrics. See what pictures are getting the most likes. This is content that your audience wants to see more of. Once you know what will get the reactions, you will get the likes and then you will get the follows, but don’t be inactive and suspect your account to grow on its own. You have to grow it. By putting in these efforts consistently, I can guarantee that you will see an increase. 

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