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The Adventures of Puss in Boots Exclusive Clip - Fox, Guy Fox

January 25, 2018

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In the 6th and final season of "The Adventures of Puss In Boots", the fate of San Lorenzo, and the world is in the paws of Puss in Boots. Even though Puss was able to block the passageway to the Netherworld, the portal is creating a series of earthquakes that threatens the lives (and sanity) of the townspeople. Puss vows to end the quakes, but keeps getting distracted by the usual stuff - sky pirates, the town being overrun by ghosts, and conned out of his boots by an evil panther. Ultimately, Puss is going to have to face his greatest challenge and make a huge sacrifice to stop the earthquakes and fulfill his promise to keep San Lorenzo safe.

Exclusive Clip "Fox, Guy Fox"

Dulcinea is obsessed with the epic tales of suave adventurer Guy Fox. Meet him in all new episodes of "The Adventures of Puss In Boots"!


DreamWorks Animation’s "The Adventures of Puss in Boots" S6 premieres Friday, January 26 on Netflix.

Guy Fox and DulcineaGuy Fox and DulcineaCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation
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