The Donnas Concert Review

No skimpy half-tops or cheesy dance steps. The Donnas delivered a loud, rock show that glorified all-night parties and hanging out at 7-11. Back to Article

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gawjussanna wrote:
2012-03-05 12:27:04 -0800

they lllok tiny and rubbish and not famous so ehehe noooooooo

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What Were The Donna's First Called?

  • Four Funky Girls.
  • Homework Sucks.
  • Ragady Anne.
  • The Banger Sisters.

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mathwiz345 posted in TV Shows:
I vote for both cuz like them both
reply about 3 hours
hollybl2468 posted in TV Shows:
Disney. Plus, they own Marvel and ABC.
reply about 3 hours
SAO is one the few animes I've thoroughly enjoyed. It'd make a great book. SAO2?! Well thanks for letting me know.  Don't know how anyone could mistake Kirito for a girl, but that's just me. Is Sinon anything like Asuna? 
reply about 7 hours
its like nock nock  whos there nae nae  nae nae who  crank that nae nae aaaaaaaaa
reply about 10 hours
Kirsteeeeen posted in Celebs:
My favourite is Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco :p
reply about 12 hours