Quiz the Coach - I Want To Surf!

I want to learn how to surf and move to Hawaii more than anything else in the world! How can I convince my mom to move to Hawaii? Back to Article

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Best Place to Ride Waves? Vote!

  • Big breakers in Hawaii.
  • California's my style.
  • The concrete waves of Michigan.
  • Forget waves - I just surf the net.

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exactly my friend's brother is a cheerleader and everyone laughs at him
reply about 7 hours
tonyterell posted in Basketball:
this team is the best team in the nba
reply about 9 hours
Duh Miami HeatĀ  :)
reply about 19 hours
there is nothing wrong with guys cheer leadingĀ 
reply about 19 hours
alicet posted in Cheerleading:
I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It's the same as girls playing soccer.
reply about 20 hours