The Casting Call 411

We've all had dreams of making it big as a movie or rock star, but have you ever tried making those dreams come true? Back to Article

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Chocolatecupcak wrote:
2012-12-02 20:45:23 -0800

l.a here I come c:

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Movie Star You'd Want to Act With?

  • I'd love to be in a movie with Chad Michael Murray.
  • I'd want Ashton Kutcher to be my leading man.
  • I'd act with Scarlett Johansson any day of the week.
  • Kate Bosworth would be cool to work with.

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Macbarbie09 posted in Friends:
Ok. So there's this one girl i hate at my school named Chloe. Nearly everyone of my friends hate her! She keeps on asking question and SHE IS SO ANNOYING! 
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hi my name is Brittany do u want to be my friend
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Cute_Rosa456 posted in Friends:
okay so there is no perfect friend every body makes mistakes 
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iChocolate posted in Friends:
To have a real friend requires very little: A real friend is someone who knows all about you, all good and bad, but still loves you all the same.:)
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GaaraOfTheSand posted in Style:
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