GBC - Pokemon Crystal - Kidz Speak Up!

Train your fave pokemon pocket monster to be the strongest and prove that you're the best trainer ever in this game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color!
Courtesy of Nintendo
GBC - Pokemon Crystal - Kidz Speak Up! - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Kidzworld's got the review and walkthrough to show you how to poke till you drop with Pokemon Crystal, the latest game in the Pokemon series. Decked out with a new female Pokemaster, Pokemon galore and some funky new options. - Page 2

Pokemon Crystal lets you play a Pokemon Trainer and capture all the best Pokemon in the world. Kidzworld asked you what your fave Pokemon is and some of you have let us know all about it! Check out what these Kidzworld Kidz have to say about their fave Pokemon. If you're feelin' the urge, to tell us all about your fave pocket monster!

1My fave pokemon is chickorita.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: angellove
Age: 10
Rating: 5

1Suicune is the best pokemon. It learns Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hydro pump, Icy wind, etc. Its stats are breakneck with a ultimately high special defence and regular defence. It's beautiful, strong and not to mention down right incredible. Beautiful eyes, tail, and crest (big thing on its head.) Whenever I look at a Suicune, the most beautiful thing of all is its scarlet red eyes. Slit down the middle just like a house cat's. It shows how great pokemon animation really is. It is the strongest of the three Legendary beasts and most of all the best pokemon in the world.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: Auroras Dungeon
Age: 13
Rating: 5

1I definitely think Meganium is the best. It is powerful, has great attacks, and most importantly trusts you more than any other Pokemon.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: AJRH
Age: 12
Rating: 5

1Yo. I've got the dream team. I have 6 level 100 Celebites.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: tonyhawkfan_11
Age: 14
Rating: 5

1My fave is Delibird beceuse it can use prestent. I also like Pikachu.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: DivaGameGirl
Age: 11
Rating: 5

1My fave pokemon is Cosola because it proves u can never tell by looks.
Awwww a cute little corsola AAAHHHHHH! BLIZZARD ICE BEAM OUCH!

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: lutotommy
Age: 11
Rating: 4

1Mew and Celebi are my fave Pokemon.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: MEWcelebi
Age: 12
Rating: 5

1My strongest Pokemon is Mewto because he looks so powerful. I think he can beat all the other Pokemon at once if he wanted.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: hanihanihanihan
Age: 10
Rating: 3

1Espeon, I love psychic pokemon they are strategy pokemon. With attacks full of power and suprise, and Espeon can learn an attack other than psychic in order to beat dark types!

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: psychicspirit
Age: 15
Rating: 5

1My favorite pokemon is Meganium.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: tocry
Age: 14
Rating: 5

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    brownpony7 wrote:

    I think Absol is the best because he or she warns people if danger is coming. Absol can also learn lots of moves. I also love dark and phychic and ghost pokemon like Azelf, Poochyena, MIsdreavus, and Cresselia. Absol is a dark type.
    commented: Thu Jun 03, 2010

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    Coolest Pokemon? Vote!

    • Cosola.
    • Mewto.
    • Delibird.
    • Meganium.

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