Dear Dish-It, It's My Only Reason to Live

I hate everything. I am a 16 year-old male who has been depressed for 3-4 years. I find nothing left to live for, except women. Back to Article

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animals5 wrote:
2014-03-19 19:13:36 -0700

Oh dont say that

Bobs1234004321 wrote:
2012-10-02 05:12:09 -0700

I think ur great wanna be friends

Bobs1234004321 wrote:
2012-10-02 05:12:07 -0700

I think ur great wanna be friends

mcquinny wrote:
2011-03-28 01:36:17 -0700 have lots of reasons to live for people love you.....your family cares and dont put your selfe down....that will just make it worse but this is coming from a 9 year old so what do i know.....Frown

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Are You A Hit With The Ladies?

  • Oh Yeah! The ladies are lined up at my door.
  • I do alright - my GF thinks I'm cool.
  • Not really. I haven't had a date in a while.
  • Ladies? I don't talk to the opposite sex.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

I'd also shift the blame onto the parents. It's disgusting and appalling to know that parents don't care about their own child's wellbeing. 
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katieee123_ posted in Friends:
"Charulata" wrote: "katieee123_" wrote: I'm not going to judge her, it was most likely her parents fault. Poor girl. I'm sorry , But I don't think it's her parents fault. Her parents didn't tell her do anything with anyone , She did. Her parents isn't involved in this case!!  She's 13. Kids that age base some of their decisions off of what their parents say. Her parents should have told her what's right and what's wrong, which they most likely didn't do since apparently they didn't care.
reply about 2 hours
SpecialProblem posted in Friends:
how are you helping me at all :/
reply about 7 hours
Jelly3 posted in Style:
A red tee and three fourths. 
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GottaLoveDance posted in Friends:
"9bella" wrote:You could invite another friend to walk with you guys. thanks for the comment
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