Dear Dish-It, It's My Only Reason to Live

I hate everything. I am a 16 year-old male who has been depressed for 3-4 years. I find nothing left to live for, except women. Back to Article

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animals5 wrote:
2014-03-19 19:13:36 -0700

Oh dont say that

Bobs1234004321 wrote:
2012-10-02 05:12:09 -0700

I think ur great wanna be friends

Bobs1234004321 wrote:
2012-10-02 05:12:07 -0700

I think ur great wanna be friends

mcquinny wrote:
2011-03-28 01:36:17 -0700 have lots of reasons to live for people love you.....your family cares and dont put your selfe down....that will just make it worse but this is coming from a 9 year old so what do i know.....Frown

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Are You A Hit With The Ladies?

  • Oh Yeah! The ladies are lined up at my door.
  • I do alright - my GF thinks I'm cool.
  • Not really. I haven't had a date in a while.
  • Ladies? I don't talk to the opposite sex.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

wolfgirl109 posted in Friends:
A couple of my friends admitted to me that they like me. They are all sweet guys, but I can't possibly love all of them. I don't want to hurt anyone in the process. Help me please!
reply about 6 hours
I think you need to talk to your mom- to be honest, I don't see anything wrong with a B grade, but it seems clear that she thinks otherwise. Or maybe give each other a bit of space, and then discuss the situation with her.
reply about 11 hours
Charulata posted in Style:
Long hair is beautiful but short hair is comfortable. So I guess short hair :p
reply about 18 hours
I used to have really really long hair. Then I decided to chop it all of and style it into a pixie, and it's honestly one of the best things I've done.
reply about 18 hours
Sighs My mom is getting mad at me when my dad gets mad and starts griping about how bad my grades are when i have B's in all classes then she gets mad and says i never talk to her well i don't wonder why i don't talk to her She just gets mad and blames it on me she dosn't hit but she calls me a S and a B u know all those words I'm sitting in one room watching tv and she comes in and says she was in a good mood and blames me and says its my fault I really don't blame my brother for not liking her i know it sounds harsh but i don't blame him please just help I'm about ready to get the razer out again and i've quitted that for like 4 months
reply 1 day