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I-Ninja for Xbox

Ok gang, think you're kung fu savvy enough to take on an endless supply of robot ninjas? Think you have enough moxy to defy gravity and save the day, against all odds? Well sharpen your swords, grab your shuriken and take a look at our review for Xbox's I-Ninja Video Game.

I-Ninja - The Story

It seems the world has fallen on dark times and the rest of your ninja clan has been destroyed by the evil Ranx army, led by Master O-Dor. The only hope for humanity rests with you and your Sensei, but alas he gets captured. So, it falls to you and your skillz to save the day by cutting, smashing, swinging, rolling and raging through five levels of sword-striking mayhem.

I-Ninja Xbox Video Game - What Works

This video game is a blast! For real, hands down, the best game we've seen so far this year. (So what if it's only January). It plays like a dream, and the graphics rock. The game levels aren't d

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What is a Sensei? Guess!

  • A Sensei is another name for a Ninja's belt.
  • A Sensei is an Asian plant.
  • A Sensei is a martial arts teacher.
  • A Sensei is a weapon.

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