Dear Dish-It, Valentine's Day Dilemmas

Hi, I have a boyfriend named Zack but I am too young to go on a date. What should I do at school on Valentine's Day? Back to Article

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QueenG wrote:
2013-09-14 14:04:21 -0700

How do you ask your Best friend that's a guy if he likes you? I'ma girl btw

CoolFlamez wrote:
2012-11-22 06:21:49 -0800

Just ask him if he still likes you

coolgirl2325 wrote:
2012-11-19 16:12:21 -0800

Can someone help me, I think my boyfriend is flirting with another girl, leave a comment on my page if you have an idea. Thanks

quandra*bhadd_2021551 wrote:
2012-02-06 19:50:51 -0800

Wow thats kida bhadd but dnt take thinqqs 2 far

camrynshae wrote:
2012-01-24 16:34:01 -0800

My crush never asked me out but I know he
Wants to Worried

polorbearexpress123_1984031 wrote:
2012-01-24 16:12:00 -0800

Hey i agree that's what somebody who liked me what would do but i happen to be single. Frown but still searching for a girl.

polorbearexpress123_1984031 wrote:
2012-01-24 16:10:27 -0800

Hey you single? maybe me and you could date.

polorbearexpress123_1984031 wrote:
2012-01-24 16:09:01 -0800

Hey i love valentines day its just that nobody asks me out. Frown but i would just call him over just to hang out or do a lunch thing together

dark_angel122 wrote:
2012-01-24 14:37:12 -0800

i luv valentines day!! Blush

lillykyli wrote:
2011-11-01 18:06:24 -0700

First of all how old are you? And 2nd of all on valentines day act sweet flirt just don't make it weird OK? bye-

kaity baby
kaity baby wrote:
2011-03-04 20:11:32 -0800

i would go out wit him im too young but i got a bf thats older than me Love

NetbookNerd01 wrote:
2011-01-20 01:38:21 -0800

I know dish it said you shouldnt go on a date, but I'm too young and I still do it, only with my mum there. Just lean over and give him a bag of sweets that you bought or sometthing and kiss him at the movies. Or at the park, chase after a bird or something and find a private place and kiss him if your too shy. smile

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