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The Xbox is shaping up to be the biggest thing to hit video games since the Nintendo. Microsoft has a lot of muscle behind this lean, mean black box. Check out what's going on under the hood. Back to Article

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milkcolsium wrote:
2012-12-05 21:24:08 -0800

moshi monsters?

FearTheDevil_2316101 wrote:
2012-12-02 18:16:54 -0800

I love the Xbox 360. I play MW2, and Black Ops 2 on it.

klonoa9 wrote:
2012-05-03 17:45:26 -0700

Old post

awesomeness159 wrote:
2012-02-05 09:49:01 -0800

right now i say

koria777 poop
koria777 poop wrote:
2011-08-20 18:44:43 -0700

goo xbox

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Is Bill Gates Still A Nerd?

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  • No way! Bill's the man.
  • Kinda, but in a cool gamer sorta way!

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five nights at freddy's! i will try to make the lego movie characters into the five nights at freddy's soon. ;)
reply about 1 hour
I'm not saying the characters they have are bad choices, they just don't have enough characters to choose from considering the Wii U is more powerful then a PS3 and a Xbox 360.
reply about 8 hours
Not even Pac-man, Bowser Jr., and Duck Hunt Dog makes you curious? Wow, I'm surprised.
reply about 8 hours
super Smash bros for wii u doesn't have any new characters that makes me want to pay $50 when the magorady of the game is Brawl with upscalled + graphics, touch screen gimics and 30 (something) characters on BOTH the wii u and the 3ds verson. for the 3dS it's alriht, but for the Wii U this isn't lookin to good. The wii u is capable of more then that if it can run assasin's Creed 3. I'm still gettin the ame though.
reply about 8 hours
Well, we both hope that Super Smash Bros for Wii U will really save it. I doubt that, but I hope Nintendo doesn't screw up this version like they did with Mario Kart 8. Mario Kart 8 SUCKS compared to Mario Kart Wii... maybe it was best for you to rent the game, because you would SLIGHTLY be disappointed when you beat the game and play online. By the way, I'm getting the new 3DS LL that's coming out next year.
reply about 8 hours