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Dragon Ball GT TCG: Basic Game Review

Dragon Ball GT TCG: Basic Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Get the scoop on the Dragonball GT trading card game (TCG) from Score Entertainment!

When the Dragonball Z animated TV show ended, Goku and the whole crew packed up their adventures and moved on to the Dragonball GT anime series to continue the fight for the Dragon Balls and Earth. Score Entertainment, the peeps behind the awesome Dragonball Z Trading Card Game (TCG), figured they'd follow the Saiyans and other warriors by creating the Dragonball GT TCG. Now Dragonball fans can wage battles with the new cards. Here's the 411 on the new card game and how it rates against the old DBZ TCG.

How the Dragonball GT Trading Card Game Works

The basics of the DBZ card game are still the same - you play attack and defense cards to make your opponent's deck run out of cards, the first person to run out loses the game. You can also power up your warrior, play allies and collect Dragon Balls - if you collect all seven of them, you win.

Dragonball GT Trading Card Game Fun Facts

Here's the fun part, if you know how to play the DBZ TCG then you already know how to play the Dragonball GT TCG. There are a few differences between the two games but you'll find a list of them on pages 53 & 54 of the instruction manual. Simple.

Your Own Dragonball GT Trading Card Game Tournament!

If you're a competitive warrior, you'll love that grabbing a starter pack gives you the 411 on how to run Dragonball GT tournaments. This way you can run them at your school for kicks. Don't forget that there are tons of Dragonball GT tournaments hosted by Score. You can enter those for worldwide fame and lots of prizes; if you're powerful enough, that is...

Weaknesses with the Dragonball GT Trading Card Game

The biggest problem with the Dragonball GT TCG is that the instructions are weak. If you're trying to learn the game, it'll make your head hurt because the cards and the instructions don't match. Also, Endurance is a card power that doesn't work unless you have a Mastery card out, but it'll take you a bunch of $$$ to finally get a Mastery card and that's frustrating.

Will the Dragonball GT Trading Card Game Conquer the Earth?

Once you get your brain around the rules and start stomping people, this game is a blast to play. Plus collecting the cards is fun and there are tons of ways to kick butt in tournaments. It's not for beginners, but it's perfect for hardcore Dragonball fans.

Dragonball GT TCG Thumbs Up:

  • The how-to tournament instructions are awesome.
  • Cool cards, great strategy, awesome action.
  • Faster & easier to play than the DBZ TCG.
  • Lots of cool cards to collect.

    Dragonball GT TCG Thumbs Down:

  • You need Mastery cards to make Endurance work.
  • Learning to play is tricky.
  • The instructions are a mess.

    Dragonball GT TCG Rating: 4

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    What Does the GT Mean?

    • It's Grand Triumph.
    • GT is short for Grand Tour.
    • It means Goku Triumphant.
    • It doesn't mean anything at all.

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