What's So Funny About Your Funny Bone?

We've all been there - you reach for something, bang your elbow and get that crazy painful sensation shooting up your arm. So what the heck is so funny about that? Read on for the 411 on the so-called funniest bone of them all.

The Funny Bone Facts

Not only is hitting your funny bone not all that funny, the thing you hit isn't actually a bone. That's right, your funny bone is actually your funny ulnar nerve. Doesn't have the same ring to it does it? The ulnar nerve runs through a groove in your ulna, which is one of two bones in your forearm. The nerve is really close to the surface of your skin when it runs through your elbow. If you hit it, you'll get a really intense pins-and-needles sensation.

Why is it Called a Funny Bone?

There are a few ideas about the origin of the name funny bone. One is that the weird sensation can make you laugh and cry at the same time - kinda like when you're being tickled. Another is that the ulnar nerve runs through your humerus bone (the bone in the top part of your arm). LOL. Humorous! Okay, that's about as funny as hitting your funny bone - but it makes sense.

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Is Hitting Your Funny Bone Funny?

  • No, it Hurts.
  • Yes, it's hilarious.
  • It kinda makes me giggle.
  • I don't know.

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