The Trojan War

The story of Troy is more than a Brad Pitt movie; it's a Greek myth that dates back hundreds of years. Get the 411 here. Back to Article

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gummybubblesrok wrote:
2013-09-16 08:16:10 -0700

omg me too!!!!!!!
btw i lurrrrrrrrrve poppin dat bubblegum too ;3

PoppinDatBubbleGum wrote:
2012-04-19 16:47:01 -0700

LOL , I'm learning this in school :3

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Where Did the Aegean Sea Get it's Name?

  • King Aegeus, Theseus' dad.
  • It's named after aged cheddar cheese.
  • Aegean is the Greek word for water.
  • It's called the Aegean sea beacause it's so old.

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