Choosing Love Over Friendship

It sucks having to choose between a friend and someone you love. You can't crawl back to your friend if the relationship doesn't work out. And if things don't work out you've lost them both. Back to Article

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KatieLovesYOU...RaWr! wrote:
2012-05-25 10:14:43 -0700

I would choose love over friendship, i mean if they were your true friend they wouldn't make you choose.

admire10 wrote:
2012-05-24 19:53:05 -0700

U are just right because people do that alot

BamaDee wrote:
2012-05-24 07:58:23 -0700

u r rite lol

purrf3ct__2134685 wrote:
2012-05-24 07:57:45 -0700

i would choose love over friendship becuz you really dont know who yo true friends are now adays

BamaDee wrote:
2012-05-24 06:43:22 -0700

my bf girl wanted t go wit me but i turned her down cuz thats my bf girl

dhatboldkidd niqua
dhatboldkidd niqua wrote:
2012-05-21 20:07:42 -0700

well mi n dis girl was friend since 6th grade n we had a crush over de same boy so she check him bout it was mi who he really like so wen dey broke up i went check n its great we'v being going on for 7mths

HelloPuppy wrote:
2012-05-19 16:46:14 -0700

My friend me and my bf had something important and she lets me go

report wrote:
2012-04-30 14:55:31 -0700

i forgot tht my close friend liked this boy &&& i made out w/ him in the computer lab it got aroung the school in 1 freakin day!!! plz pick ur friends first cuz there going 2 be there when u need a shoulder to cry on!!

rekeisha92 wrote:
2012-04-30 14:46:25 -0700

my mother choose flove over friendship

-PromiseMe._2095149 wrote:
2012-04-30 14:44:06 -0700

Sisters Before Misters

miz.songz wrote:
2012-04-30 14:42:07 -0700

some ppl just lose sight of wat needs balnce in life tht they feel they have to choose one or the other in order to be happy but if yhu can balnce it out they yhu can be happy with out chooseing

dj latifa
dj latifa wrote:
2012-04-16 00:54:18 -0700

ya exactly my point its sstupid and pointless thks ReeceBby-15 at least some1 agrees!!!

ReeceBby_15 wrote:
2012-04-16 00:52:09 -0700

@dj latifa unless you deserate for love which is so stupid to be and pointless

Kelsie_WifeyType(: wrote:
2012-04-16 00:48:51 -0700

or hornny

dj latifa
dj latifa wrote:
2012-04-16 00:48:37 -0700

ya friends are worthy of having u shouldn't give them up for anything especially because of a boy!!!

TaylorGang Swagg_1956623
TaylorGang Swagg_1956623 wrote:
2012-04-16 00:47:17 -0700

cuz she was desperate

ReeceBby_15 wrote:
2012-04-16 00:44:55 -0700

why would anyone choose love over friendship!!SMFH

Kelsie_WifeyType(: wrote:
2012-04-16 00:30:52 -0700

comment me yur idea i think this convo needs to get alot morr privite

Kelsie_WifeyType(: wrote:
2012-04-16 00:29:38 -0700

Its all yur fault & if i cant handle myself ur gonna have to handle me , we all knoee u would LOVE that

TaylorGang Swagg_1956623
TaylorGang Swagg_1956623 wrote:
2012-04-16 00:28:47 -0700

i got a idea of what i could doWink

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