Vs. System: DC Card Game Batman Theme Deck Review

Read a review of the Batman vs. The Joker 2-player starter deck for the Vs. System TCG!
Courtesy of Upper Deck
Vs. System: DC Card Game Batman Theme Deck Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Get the 411 and a review of Upper Deck's Vs. System trading card game DC Comics expansion set and starter deck! - Page 2

Batman takes on the Joker with you in charge of the battle in Upper Deck's DC Comics Trading Card Game. The Batman vs. The Joker 2-player starter deck gives you everything you need to slug it out with these comic book legends. We review this classic battle in card game form right here!

Vs. System TCG: Batman vs. The Joker Starter Deck Review

The DC Comics Batman vs. The Joker 2-player starter deck gives you a 40-card deck for each side, loaded with all the super characters you need to get playing right away. The Batman deck has lots of cards that let you draw more cards and discard cards to activate powers. The Joker deck is just awesome at causing tons of damage. Both decks are a bit tricky to use though because they're full of combos and weird powers rather than just strong heroes. If you're new to the game, you're better off with the Marvel starter pack until you build your dueling skills.

Batman vs. The Joker Starter Deck Thumbs Up:

  • Batman and friends are great at drawing cards.
  • Incredible artwork!
  • Tons of strategies for advanced players.

    Batman vs. The Joker Starter Deck Thumbs Down:

  • Complicated for new players.
  • Cheaper Batman and Joker cards would have been better.

    Batman vs. The Joker Starter Deck Rating:4

  • Vs. System TCG: DC Comics TCG Info
  • Vs. System TCG: DC Comics TCG Review

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