How Potato Batteries Work

Potatoes are great mashed, roasted or in clocks. That's right, potatoes are nature's tastiest battery. Get the 411 on this powerfully delicious snack. Back to Article

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designer_me555 wrote:
2012-08-08 18:14:09 -0700

Ahh potatoes.1 of the only vegetables that can be turned into something satisfying.

animeangel3 wrote:
2012-08-07 16:12:49 -0700


Bbella wrote:
2012-06-15 18:57:29 -0700

I think this is interesting next year I have a science fair I'm definitely doing this easy and fast

report wrote:
2012-05-25 05:30:56 -0700

Cool, I am going to try this in my Science Project..

natnat_150 wrote:
2012-05-07 19:43:18 -0700

does this really work?

krushna wrote:
2012-05-01 20:21:57 -0700

it work i had done

sallylo6 wrote:
2012-04-11 16:58:18 -0700


MakeHerYourWorld_2064812 wrote:
2012-04-10 19:02:57 -0700

I Wonder If This REALLY Works.

katkatkat39 wrote:
2012-04-09 12:38:29 -0700

i am doing it for my science fair project! smile smile

vanpipr girl
vanpipr girl wrote:
2012-03-30 10:44:29 -0700

thas nice potato power

juliapinky1 wrote:
2012-03-30 10:41:56 -0700

I like potatos when there mashed but this is awesomeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Grin
| POTATOS are AWESOME!!!!!!!!
/ \ Big Grin

jonathanking_841199 wrote:
2012-03-10 16:40:57 -0800

you lost me at "buffer between the zinc ions and the copper ions"

JK. I'm in high-honors for science

geek03 wrote:
2012-03-04 18:22:20 -0800

cool potato batteries

neek@hl wrote:
2012-02-28 16:59:27 -0800

o wow^ lmao

spiceysprinkels wrote:
2012-02-26 18:52:43 -0800

your stupid lmfao

mrsilikealot_1866443 wrote:
2012-02-26 18:51:14 -0800

i wont waste no potato ill make some french fries

TheL3gacy wrote:
2012-02-26 18:50:13 -0800

I forreal thought this was a turd when i first looked at.. i was like " O_O

pookiegirl123 wrote:
2012-02-24 21:14:10 -0800

Weird....(; I LOVE IT XD

olsenfan16 wrote:
2012-02-23 23:18:00 -0800

Ahahaha yea me to I don't no why I came here...

LoveMe-HateMe234 wrote:
2012-02-23 19:15:14 -0800

I made one of these in 4th grade!!

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