NBA Ballers Playstation 2 Video Game Cheat Codes

Check out these video game cheat codes for the NBA Ballers video game for the Playstation 2 game console!
Courtesy of Midway Games
NBA Ballers is a slam-dunkin' b-ball game full of bling-bling, sports 'tude, crazy moves and a whole lot of opponents who'll kick your butt! If you're trying to make it from rags to riches but keep getting creamed, you need a video game cheat code to unlock some power. That's what Cheat Street is all about! Gary packs it full of cheat codes, game hints and walkthroughs for the Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance and PC. Gary has what you need to score some points and earn bling-bling with your b-ball moves!

Dear Gary,

I need help for NBA Ballers for Playstation 2. I am trying to unlock more moves and players and I can't beat the computer players!

Hey Sportgod29,

Their moves are hardcore aren't they? No worries, there are a whole bunch of ways to put those players on the defensive and even knock 'em flat on their butts. Here are a ton of PS2 cheat codes for NBA Ballers that'll slam-dunk your gamin' fun!

NBA Ballers Playstation 2 Video Game Cheat Codes

This first batch of codes can be entered at the VS Screen - use the Square, Triangle and Circle buttons and get ready to power up!

4 4 3 Young Ballers
5 1 2 More Moves
7 2 5 Alley-Oop Ability
1 2 3 Alternative gear
4 2 3 Baby Ballers
1 2 2 Back-In Ability
3 1 7 Better Free Throws
1 3 4 Big heads
4 3 1 Faster Juice Recovery
7 2 2 Flame On!
3 3 2 Good Handling
3 6 7 Half House Meter
6 2 7 Hot Spot
4 3 3 Kid Ballers
7 5 6 Legal Goal Tending
1 1 2 Clear Weather
3 5 4 Paper Ballers
5 3 6 Pass-to-Friend Ability
0 1 1 Tournament mode
7 6 3 Juice-O-Rama
3 2 7 Perfect Free Throws
3 1 3 Put Back Ability
4 2 5 Pygmy
0 0 8 R2R Mode
2 2 2 Rain
3 0 0 Random Moves
0 1 2 Display Shot Accuracy
3 3 3 Snow
2 1 3 Speedy Players
3 7 4 Stunt Dunk Ability
2 3 5 Super Back-In
1 2 4 Super Block
3 1 5 Super Push
2 1 5 Super Steal
5 1 7 Unlock Afro Man
5 5 7 Unlock Agent
5 3 7 Unlock BiznezMan-A
5 2 7 Unlock BiznezMan-B
5 6 7 Unlock Coach
5 4 7 Unlock Secretary

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