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Lord of the Rings: Return of the King PS2 Game Cheat: Cirith Ungol Walkthrough

Watching the heroes from The Lord of the Rings movies is awesome, but jumpin' into their shoes and kicking orc rear-end from Bag-End to Mordor and back again is even better! The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King [kwlink]video game[/kwlink] for the [kwlink]Playstation 2[/kwlink] lets you control the heroes and fight to save the day. But, it's not as easy as Legolas makes it look and you may need a video game cheat to beat the bad guys. If you're fighting to save Middle Earth on a Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox or PC, Gary's got the game cheat codes, hints and walkthroughs you need to make life easy for your heroes.

Dear Gary,

I'm stuck in The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King video game for the PS2 on the Cirith Ungol level in Co-op mode. When you do the catapult to clear the orcs on the bridge, the bridge collapses and the two characters can never make it on time to the other side. This sucks because we have to start the mission all over again! Help is much appreciated!

Hey Evenstar24,

Co-op mode? Sweet... Nothin' says gaming goodness like teaming up on those nose-picking, butt-scratchin' orcs. Getting stumped by a collapsing bridge in Cirith Ungol sucks though. But, I have game cheats for you and a bit of a walkthrough to help you beat the level!

LOTR: Return of the King Cheat - Cirith Ungol Walkthrough!

Ok, this level is just after you toast the giant spider, Shelob, and storm that tower full of angry orcs and goblins (like there are any other kind!). The trick to this level is to use all the burning coals and sharp stuff to help you take the orcs out. Knock over stuff, cut the rope holding the chandelier, even give 'em a wedgie if you can. Whatever you do, don't fight fair.

LOTR: ROTK - Cirith Ungol's Crumbling Bridge Game Tip!

Ok, so you hit the ballistae and the bridge starts to bust up. First off - don't wait for the cutscene to stop before you start hauling butt across the bridge! Get your heroic feet in gear as fast as you can. The second bit of advice - wait for your buddy before you start crossing the bridge. The reason is, the bridge starts to crumble behind the first person across it so you have to cross at the same time or the second character is toast!

Now it's time to scrap with the boss - have fun!

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    That's it for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. Stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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