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Star Wars Miniatures Clone Strike Expansion Sneak Peek 4!

This is our fourth preview of the [kwlink]Star Wars Miniatures[/kwlink] strategy game from Wizards of the Coast! The whole set drops on December 03, 2004 with more collectible characters and monsters from the [kwlink]Star Wars[/kwlink] movies for you to battle with. Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming Battle Droid on STAP fig. Click the picture for a bigger image!

Star Wars Miniatures - Clone Strike Sneak Peek Image

The Battle Droid on STAP fig is a sneak peek from the Clone Strike expansion for the Star Wars Miniatures game from Wizards of the Coast!

Star Wars Miniatures - Sneak Peek Figure Info

Figure: Battle Droid on STAP
Cost: 16
Hit Points: 10
Defense: 10
Attack: +1
Damage: 30
Set #: 32/60
Rarity: Rare

Special Abilities:

  • Droid - (Immune to critical hits; not subject to commander effects)
  • Flight - Ignores enemy characters, low obstacles, and pits when moving.
  • Strafe Attack - (As this character moves, it can attack each enemy whose space it enters: this turn, this character cannot attack any enemy twice and cannot move directly back into a square it has just left)

    Star Wars Miniatures - Sneak Peek Strategy Tips

    Um... wow? Ok, this fig is totally weak, but has a crazy ability. He can't take a hit like [kwlink]Padme Amidala[/kwlink] or even the [kwlink]Aerial Clone Trooper Captain[/kwlink]. What he can do is dish it out. The trick to using this fig is to find two spots where he can hide. Start in one spot, dash out and move over as many enemy figs as you can - then move into hiding again. The more figs you can run over, the more chances you have to score a hit with the powerful 30 damage attack. Just don't get stuck out in the open and watch out for the [kwlink]Super Battle Droid[/kwlink]'s Charging Fire ability - it's perfect for chasing these things down.

    Upcoming Star Wars Miniatures Sneak Peeks!

    This mysterious figure is from the Clone Strike expansion for the Star Wars Miniatures game from Wizards of the Coast!
    We still aren't finished. There are two more figures to show you before our game review! Here's a look at the next fig - know who or what it is? Send an email to if you know what the next fig is, or what its abilities are!

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