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From Madden 2005 to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, check out Kidzworld's reviews of the coolest PC video games out there. Then find out how you can win them!

Madden NFL 2005 - EA

Get ready for hard-hitting, touchdown-scoring football action with Madden NFL 2005 for your PC from EA Sports. New defensive tools allow you to lay down bigger hits, force turnovers and get your defense more involved in the play. Use the franchise mode to build your team from the bottom up or take on other Madden players from around the world with the new and improved online mode.

Sims 2 - EA

The latest version of the computer people simulator has arrived with Sims 2 for the PC. Take your Sims creations from cradle to grave through life

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Braxton88 posted in Forum Games:
easter  ##########
reply 33 minutes
arthi posted in Card Games:
Lots! I like literally every colour but I gotta admit that I am partial to blue
reply about 2 hours
victoria135 posted in Card Games:
vorite colour would be in the pastels region like lavender, light blue and of course pink
reply about 2 hours
shahgee posted in Card Games:
baby pink    and yellow :) :) :) :punk :punk :punk
reply about 2 hours
viti posted in Forum Games:
reply about 3 hours

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